We were safeā€¦but it was not to be.

The alarm sounded. John woke with a start. He did not expect the loud alarm to disrupt his peaceful mind.

The year was 2017. John was a normal, 20 year old. The world had been dominated by zombies in 2014, but John's village was safe. They had been quarantined since 2015. The odd zombie came through, but they were usually shot down by the guards.


John sat up. He heard creaks from below. He grabbed his clothes and got changed. Then, he picked his gun up from his bedside table. You see, John was part of the F.W.C., which stood for Future World Control. They fought threats that were biologically designed, like the zombie infection. Luckily, there hadn't been much biological warfare. All the terrorists were zombies now. This meant they would all have been killed or led astray by local biological psychic, Lucy.

Lucy was a doll. She was useful in the local zombie threat. Lucy was special. All the other BP's (biological psychics) were okay, but Lucy was something else. She could not only control zombie minds, she could command groups of zombies at a time. Useful? Yes.

John went downstairs, gun pointing forwards. He heard more creaks.

Then, he heard a scream.

John raced down, gun still in his hand. When he arrived down, he looked outside. Zombies were everywhere. Then he saw the source of the scream.


John ran outside, firing his weapon. He ran to push Lucy out of the way. Once he reached her, he ran back to the field, just as 7 more F.W.C's arrived. There they stood, shooting endless swarms of zombies.

Then, John felt worse than horrible. He turned to Lucy, who was shouting something, but he couldn't interpret what. He felt a stabbing pain in his head.

Then he fainted.