Part 1

Chapter 1

Lucy watched in horror as John fainted. Petrified, the colour drained from her face. She blinked. Afterwards, she saw one of the other F.W.C's run towards her with John. He dumped him on the floor, and then nodded. Lucy sat down. She decided it was time to act. She initiated her mind, gazed at a group of zombies, and issued a mind command. Instantly, the zombies turned and attacked their cursed brethren. She cringed as the zombies gradually died. Her F.W.C protector ran out, and issued an order to fix the gates. All the zombie invaders were dead. Again.

Aching, she turned to look at the unconscious John. Cold and unmoving was his body. She checked his pulse. Low. But live.

With newfound hope, she got up to find a bucket. She filled one with water, and hurled it over John.

John opened his eyes to water crashing on him. He stood up, rubbing his eyes. He couldn't speak, but that didn't bother him. All that bothered him was the zombies. He looked outside, to see no zombie horde. How long had he been out?

Confused, he turned to see Lucy, with a big smile on her face. Suddenly, he found the will to speak.

'What happened?' he asked Lucy.

'You're alive! It's a miracle!' she replied quickly.

'Okay…okay, yes, I'm alive. But answer me, Lucy!'

'You blacked out for some reason, right in front of a horde. Max dumped you in my house, and then we killed zombies!' Lucy said. She paused, and then tears flowed from her eyes, and she wrapped her arms around John. 'I'm so happy you're alive!'

John was feeling like a 60-year old bin, but otherwise was touched by Lucy's kind words. However, anything feels kind to a man who's just blacked out.

'How long was I out?' he queried.

'About 10 minutes.' Lucy replied. The phone rang. John started to get up, but Lucy pushed him down, and then ran to the phone. 'Yes? Really? But he's…alright, you win. Bye!' Lucy turned to John. 'Captain Locus wants you, John.' she said.

John got up, but Lucy handed him a smooth stick. 'To help you walk.' she said. John trudged over to the FWC HQ. What did Locus want?


'I don't care if you're dyslexic! Get it done!' Captain Locus yelled. He shook his head. 'Pristate, if you don't copy those files, I'll deal with you personally.'

Charles Pristate ran off. John gazed at the fleeing Lieutenant. 'What's Dyslexia Man done?' he asked.

'Failed to produce suitable contact files.' replied Locus sternly. He looked like he hadn't had sleep for weeks.

'We don't have contacts. The main lines went down last month.'

'Sergeant Crewe, are you questioning your superior officer?' snapped Locus.

'No, I'm just saying that,'

'Just saying won't do, John Crewe!' interrupted Locus.

'Calm down, Georgie, I'll see to Charles.'

'Don't you dare call me that!'

John walked off. He didn't even manage to get his 'urgent mission', so he guessed Max would do it instead. But something crossed his mind. Locus didn't look right. Maybe I should ask Lucy, he thought.


'Locus must've been using the implants!' John told Lucy.

'Implants? But they're,'

'Illegal, I know. We must inform Federal Control.' John replied.

'I'll get on it, Johnny.' Lucy said. She hugged John, and said, 'I'm glad you're better already,' and walked off.

John instantly shattered on the couch. It'd been a long day. Before he knew it, he was asleep.

He dreamt that the world was normal again. No more zombies. No more threat. He dreamed about Lucy. He always did. When he awoke, he saw Lucy bouncing giddily. He rubbed his eyes and grunted. Lucy instantly began to talk.

'Locus was using implants. The Federal Control said they would take action!' she said.


'So, you're the new Captain.'

John was shocked. Him, the Captain? Captain Crewe seemed to have a ring to it. He liked it. He shot up, and began to pace.