World: Second Earth

Day 0 Note: This chapter has two main POV which means that there are two sides to this story also I will accept other characters through out the story

//Chapter 0 prologue\\

Dream Message:

In this Universe there are three sides of a world, they are known as First, Second, and Third Earth. Currently only one known side of earth is Known which Is Second Earth, it is also the planet of the humans and all life as we know it including 2 of this stories heroes who you will learn more about later . They lived normal life's unaware of each other and the other sides of their world. It begins with a 14 year old boy name Matt Taylor who was always the talk of the school he went too along on the fields. He was surrounded by friends all the time: That is why he was chosen, that was the opposite of a young lone girl name Sarah Sky. She had never been the talk of the school, never had many friends and was a plan outcast and yet she had the brains to keep her going in school. The story of their new found lives has just began and it is unfolding just as you read this note back in the past…

2nd found Dream Message:

I will keep this short… the girl who called herself Sarah Sky is a major tomboy who read manga a lot. The school freak or outcast as some call her, not very talkative as she lost that quality once she had lost her parents to a terrible fire. She was now stuck in a home full with people who did not want her the only reason they took her in was for the money the government promised them. This is the reason she was chosen, by now you are wanting to know what I am talking about when I say they were chosen. It is a long story but it will be told, now let us begin with our Boy wonder Matt Taylor…

Matt's Pov:

He tossed and turned in his bed as he slept hard but the problem was, was that dawn was approaching faster and faster as he was sleeping. Soon there was a noise "Wake up" said a soft voice woman who was shaking him slightly which seemed to wake him up from his bazaar dream "what" he mumbled. He lifted his eyelids slightly to see a blurry version of a woman in her mid 40`s "mom give me 5 more minutes" he groaned as he closed his eyes again but was denied as she pulled his ear "no now get up or you will be late." "Ah" he yelled in pain as the shock at woken him up, after all that was done he got up still in a daze.

//changes\\ Sarahs POV:

Hundreds of miles away was the other hero who also had the same dream as Matt, "hey get the hell up!" A man yelled with his voice not so friendly, her eyes shot up and jumped out of bed quickly. She was wearing black pair of shorts along with a red t shirt. Her hair was a mess as always as she ran to the small staircase "im coming!" She replied annoyed as she entered her room again and stopped at the closet "hmm what to wear what to wear" she asked herself pondering at that very question. She never wore pink dresses and all that girl stuff, she was never the type to just sit around and watch a sports game no she would pick herself up and ask to join which they would agree. It's these very reasons why the girls never accepted her and left her alone, the boys wouldn't ether because it was just not the way things work girls to girls, boys to boys that's how the world worked

Matt's pov:

He was now dressed in a white T-shirt and blue: blue jeans, his hair was neatly combed to where it fell down to his shoulders tangle free and straight. "Another day at school wonderful" he muttered as he gave himself another look and grabbed his book bag. He hurried out the door so fast he had not eaten breakfast and ignoring his mothers cries of telling him to come back.


"Well looks like the main man has finally arrived" said a boy who was grinning and was also the same age as him had walked over to him. "Hey" Matt said coolly as he leaned against the sign that said "bus stop". Next to the boy was a couple of girls who were looking dreamily at Matt, he noticed quickly and shot them a smile which made them blush and start giggling in which Matt never got why they did so.

Sarahs POV:

She ended up wearing a grey shirt with a white hoodie over it, She was in great shape and yet she never looked happy. Lately a lot of girls began to look at her differently as if they were jealous of her body, well its what she thought. Like Matt she had neglected to eat breakfast and was now at her own bus stop. "Look what the cat dragged in" Said a snotty girl as the girl looked her up and down "what a joke" she muttered. "Oh shut up" she resorted as if she had done it many times finally the bus was here. As she walked down the Isle of the bus nobody had care to give her even a glance as she picked a sit "Another useless day at school" she sighed low.

//switching back to Matt for the final time in this chapter\\ Matt pov:

Matt had received the opposite greeting as everyone said hi to him, high-five, and got multiple seating request. He politely declined and decided to sit down at the back of the bus with his friends all around him. At that point he thought it would be just a ordinary day for his very good life but he was in for a rude awakening. Just around 2nd period had the unthinkable happened, there he sat in a room that was frozen in time and he was the only one who could move. "What is this" he said shaken up as he waved a hand in front of his lab partner who just kept staring.

"Took awhile But I finally found you Matt" said a voice that sounded like a mans voice as he walked from out of the door way he wore a black cloak . In a blink of an eye the man was in front of him "the hell" Matt said even more confused as he was planted in his sit. The man was silent and than grabbed his shoulder lightly and dragged him to his feet "hey tell me what's going on" Matt shouted as the man lifted his head to reveal his face. What Matt saw scared him a little as the mans face looked like a older version of his. Suddenly his soft blue color eyes switched to sapphire and glowed as well as his left hand while his right hand kept Matt still. "Good luck" he said with a smile, as he thrusted his left arm right at Matt's chest that cause a energy surge to go right into him making his body go numb. He let go and Matt flew backwards as Older version of Matt snapped his hands and a sonic Blue portal opened up and Matt flew inside helpless. "Looks like it has begun again" the main said as he began to fade away into oblivion. Time had resumed and everything was back to normal well not exactly no one remembers the name Matt Taylor now.

//finishing pov\\ Sarah

She had gotten to school early but yet the events that took place where Matt was happened almost evidently at the same time to her. The only main difference was that now the person in black was a woman. Who had her hood down to also reveal to be a older image of Sarah "Who are you and why do you look so much like me" Sarah asked unfazed by the weird events as she read loads of manga and read all about times like these although they were in a made up world. "Ha you think your so smart well than your in for the ride of your life" the woman smirked as she jumped right in front of her. "Good luck my dear dear unfortunate friend" she said censer as she had a blue and green aura in around her hand and punched her hard into the stomach. Such punch caused Sarah to spit out saliva and was forced backwards, green and dark blue and white particles rose from the ground and gave way into a portal as the older lady controlled it skillfully. "Have fun" was her last words as Sarah entered the portal and blanked out as she fell through the weird multi colored tunneled that didn't have break walls just aura that acted as a wall. "Our time here is done I suppose" she said sadly as she too began to fade away.

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