Country: Aldor

City: Both Bardarsk (Land of the Red) and Jevinal (Land of the Blue)

Chapter 13: Reunion on the Battle Field

Note: I've decided to give the Warriors nicknames so they aren't so lame XD. The Wakers.

POV: Matt

It was like a war zone there, as what Maria told him he was in the city of Jevinal where red and blue fought but not like this. "This is bad" he whispered as he began to walk down the street with Maria following him, most likely crying. After all, no one would like to see an actual war happening. The shocking appearance of the Wind Waker in all this crap, but it didn't look like he was on his side. "How are we going to find your friends and tell them you're alive" Maria spoke softly with her voice drenched with sorrow. He had honestly forgotten why he was here the minute he saw all the destruction. "We just got to look around and hope for the best."

He didn't want Maria to know that he was worried about Sarah and the others because she was going through a lot right now. "Shannon!" Maria cried out with tears flooding her eyes as she ran forward and stopped after a few minutes of running. Matt chased after her till he had gotten to where she was. Where she was standing sat a girl who was bloody and hurt, pretty badly. "M-Maria is that you" she said as she gently opened her eyes, if she wasn't so bloody and torn up he'd say she was pretty cute. "What happened" Maria said as she began to heal her, her body glowing a faint leaf green color. "Oh Maria the Blues had it and attacked the Red and the war just erupted like it's at its climax. None of us residents knew it was coming it just all sort of blew up all around" she talked but she talked slowly as if it hurt to talk. "Its alright you can stop talking" Maria said as she aided her childhood friend. All he could do was watch.

"Maria you stay here with" he paused for a second "Shannon isn't it?" re resumed, "Yes now who the hell are you?" she said as she glanced at him. "Matt, she can tell you more" he gestured as he began his way down the street. Loads of damage everywhere, people injured on the streets, numerous houses were burned to the ground by all the fire going around. That is what he saw while he made his way, avoiding being out of sight from those of the fire benders. It was a full on war even as he made his way, he could hear battles between the two cities collide over and over. Every minute you could see blue and red flames crackle together and rise into the sky. Suddenly black flames blocked all around him.

POV: Sarah

The black flames returned but this time it was father down the road, almost like it was a trap for a mouse. "Oh look a certain mouse found his way to the cheese" Jason said in a corny way that was not funny at all. She would have asked who it was if she hadn't felt the familiar presence of a certain boy. "Matt" She said as her head shot towards the fire. Kim dropped to her feet and pressed her hand to the ground "Yeah that's defiantly him" she said with a sincere smile full of relief. "Matt you say" Jason said with a curious look on his face that turned to an amused look. "Donny how about we finish this some other time" He said as his own flames rose from the ground. "Oh hell no you don't" Don said with anger in his voice as his regular red flames surrounded his hand as he made an attempt to punch his brother to keep him from leaving. He was too slow and ending up hitting a wall of flames as he fell face forward onto the ground. "Dammit!" he shouted as he punched his right hand to the ground feeling the pain take over, when he punched the flames it must of burnt it.

The one thing Sarah never thought she`d see from Don was seeing him cry, and here he was crying. The group shout a look to the wall of flames surrounding Matt to see them dwindling down. "Guys is that you!" he shouted as he slowly made his way over there feeling a burning sensation down at his legs. Almost like they were burnt, those flames were beyond hot. Sarah, Kim, and Cloud welcomed him back with Kim crying her eyes out and hugging Matt who hugged back awkwardly. "Shesh where were you" Sarah said punching him in the arm neglecting the fact that something was happening to down. "Guys, look at Don." Cloud said with a shaking look on his face. The trio did and was shocked to see that Don was glowing a faint Reddish color like aura as he got to his feet. He looked at them with Blood red color eyes as flames just spread all around him in a soft layer. He didn't look like the same Don that she had talked too that same day.

It didn't take long for her to realize "Maybe he's the next Fire Warrior" Sarah said looking up at Cloud, which reminded Matt of the Wind Waker. "The signs are all-"he was interrupted by Dons body suddenly crashing to the ground. "Don!" he yelled as they ran towards him...

Mysterious POV:

"So the Wakers are finally waking up" a voice that sounded deep and rough grunted out. "Yes M`lord they are all waking up" Jason said as he walked in the moonlight of a darkened room. The deep voice began to chuckle before saying "With my minions starting these wars, the whole world will quickly become ours" Jason didn't crack a smile but he nodded his head "Go and See Noctis and that other boy, tell them the time is now." The voice said as Jason nodded his head again and turned to leave. After Jason was out it spoke again "This time I will not be stopped"