"I'm sitting next to you today," I announced as I approached the three sophomores begrudgingly. I didn't actually dislike them, but it was a bit of a running joker I had. They had all gathered around a circular table, and were huddling towards each other, figuring out some homework questions, or at least one of them was. I knew two of them, as they were both brothers of friends I had. There was Billy, whose brother was a year older than me; I had made both of their acquaintances last year, as a junior. Then there was Christos, whom I had known since he moved here back in 2000. He had been friends with my brother for a while, but I never actually bothered with him much until I met his brother Paul.

As I took my seat, they looked over at me, not particularly caring if I resided there or not. They liked me, but they did not know me very well. Still, the knowledge of my general acceptance towards others created no apprehension in their apparently apathetic decision to allow my joining. I cracked a slight smile, and then reached towards my bacon, egg-and-cheese sandwich, removed the aluminum then took a hearty bite out of it. Realizing that it needed some ketchup, I opened up the packets that the lunch lady had given to me. I squeezed the red sauce out onto the cardboard tray, instantly realizing that eating off of such a thing was most unhealthy, though it was all that was provided. My mother always said that they fed us like prisoners here, and though I did enjoy my school, I was inclined to agree on this particular issue.

After dipping the bagel into the ketchup and taking a bite, I looked over to the three sophomores, trying to catch what they were doing. Billy, who was situated across from me, though slightly to the left, was working on what I thought to be Biology homework, though I never caught a good enough glimpse to make certain of my suspicions. Christos, who was to my right, though not directly, was simply leaning onto the table, watching Billy and the other, unknown girl work together. The unknown girl seemed nice, though her comments were limited to meaningless small talk and random comments that bore no relevance to the situation at hand. Needless to say, she was quite bored and quite tired.

Somehow, we got into a conversation about how we pretended to be sick in order to get a day off from school. The conversation immediately reminded me of my brother, since he often fakes illness, though I made no mention of him. However, I did speak of the many times in elementary school when I would pretend to have a stomach ache, and force the nurse to call my grandparents and send me home. Interestingly enough, I faked it so much that my parents got worried and had me checked out by a doctor. They found out that I had acid reflux disease, even though I had been pretending the entire time.

Christos managed to top my story, though he never fully elaborated on it. Apparently, he was "sick" so many times, that his parents did the same as mine, but instead of finding a completely manageable disease (that I no longer suffer from, actually), they, for some reason unbeknownst to me, had his appendix removed. Baffled, I conceded and allowed him a moment of glory, and bragging rights. Of course, being the conceited person I am, this would only be a temporary defeat, and there was no doubt that I would seek to trump him later in the day, or week.

The bell rang shortly after, and I headed out of the cafeteria, having finished my breakfast. Letting out a sigh, I continued onward with the day.