"Broken and Mended"

By: Phoebe Melinda Halliwell

Chapter 2: Mended

I took comfort in you

when things got out of

hand between my ex

and me.


I thought you were

only a "safe place"

but somehow, to me,

you ended up being more.


You were in my dreams –

my most intimate fantasies

seemed to come alive

all because of you.


Not that I'm complaining –

I like having a place where

anything can happen. It's

why I write – but it seemed

to happen most often when

he was doing things I didn't

care for.


Then you're voice –

that sweet luring melody

would resonate in my head.

And with you I regained my

courage to fight my hormones –

something that seemed impossible

because of the effect he had on me.


Whenever you're in my head,

nothing scares me anymore –

not even him.

You chase away every fear,

every doubt, every impossibility.


Wrapped up in your arms

no one, nothing can hurt me.

I feel completely safe and you

make me feel like I can do anything.


You're my Earth Angel. The fact

that you exist proves to me someone

can protect me, even if they don't know

me in the slightest. I love the effect you

have on me.


You're my fantasy protector. Though

it is only in my dreams – there's no

other person I'd rather dream about,

no other person I'd rather write about.

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Phoebe Melinda Halliwell