Hey all this is a new genre of writing for me so take it easy please! This story is actually based off of something my cousin, my sisters and I used to play. I know the beginning is confusing and I would love suggestions on how to tell all that info in a different way =D. Hope you all like this.

South America:

Hi. My name is Kach….I mean Kathleen. I'm eighteen years old apparently even though I'm no more than a pup. You see, although I'm eighteen, I've only been human two days in my life. I've been a wolf every other day. I don't really know why I'm part human and my parents died when I was only a few months old. According to my current Alpha it's because I'm what legend calls a Halloween and what the animals call a Moon Changer. I guess that's why I'm black when everyone else is grey, I'm a Night Wolf. Right now I'm hunting with my pack in the forest of Rima. I'm second only to the Alphas and….Whoa bright light, now darkness, then nothing. Where am I? This doesn't smell like home. I'm human and I think I'm in a house…


"Alex!" My sister yelled.

"Haha got you Alana." I reply grinning. My sister and I live up on a mountain and have been here since I was fifteen and my parents were killed. Neither of us know much about our powers. I know a little from the two years I had them that my dad was alive. Powers manifest at age thirteen so Alan didn't have hers yet back then. She's a vampire and I'm an infernal or "fiery stone".

"Alex stop lighting on fire!"

"I'm not doing it! That's light not flame!" Then there's only darkness.


I awake to see my sister facing of with another girl with darker skin and midnight black hair down to her waist who looks very frightened.

"Alana stop!" I yelled. The girl flinched and shrunk back at the sound of my voice.

"She brought us here and she won't say anything!" She yelled angrily. Causing the girl to back up into the corner.

"I don't think she brought us here." I answered quietly, trying not to scare her.

"Ask her then." She retorted.

"Do you know why we're here?" I asked calmly. She shook her head quickly and tried to back away even farther. "Do you know where we are?" She shook her head again. "Can you speak?"

"Y-Yes." She stammered. She shivered from head to toe as if afraid of her own voice.

"Sit down Alana. Come over here, what's your name?"

"Kathleen, or my wolf name is Kachina." She said cautiously as she slunk over.

"Wolf name?" Alana questioned. Then screamed as Kathleen turned into a black wolf, then back again. "Wha-What are you?"

"A Night Wolf, or overall a Halloween."

"So are we Alana." I said to my sister. To Kathleen I said, " My sister is a vampire and I am an Infernal." Suddenly there were four flashes of very bright light.

North America:

I watch as my sister kneels down to heal a deer.

"Cleo what are you doing?" My other sister, Carin, asks.

"Freezing the bone in place." She calmly replies.

"Here." Carin says making it rain in a dish and setting it by the deer. My sisters are element witches. Water and Ice. My power can't control raw elements but it can do almost anything else. My father taught me a bit about my powers but my sisters didn't have theirs yet.

"Carin, Cleo, what are you doing?" I asked as everything turned bright.

"It's not us!" They chorused. Then everything went black.


"Ha gotcha." I said pulling the Thunderheads closer to me and drawing in the electricity of the lightning. I'm an outcast now, everyone's afraid of what I can do. Honestly I'm not sure what all I can do.

"Leo come." I said to my faithful dog. Then there was a bright flash of light, brighter than lightning. Then everything was dark.


"Lets try again." I yelled to my brother over the sound of the wind.

"All right." He transformed back into his snakelike water dragon and I into my much larger Fire Dragon. I swooped down to try to pick him up and toss him like a javelin at our "enemy". So far we had missed every time.

"Ethan try a twist as you throw this time." Evan yelled.

"All right." As I threw him again there was a flash of blinding light and I was falling into darkness.


"Narcissa, Natalia, what are you doing? I said flank him not side him in." I yelled as we transformed from our wolf forms back to human.

"We Know but we thought maybe this would work better." They answered in unison. I hate it when they do that but I guess it's a twin thing. They even have the same tawny coat color as wolves.

"Neara, you ok?" Natalia asked.

"Yea, just thinking."

"We got our firs caribou." Narcissa laughed.

"Yes but you need to listen to your Alpha." I said then there was a bright flash of light, then nothing.


As the lights flashed Kathleen howled in fear, transformed, and hid in the shadows. I pulled Alan behind me and stood in front of both of them as the lights dimmed. There were now nine more people in the room. Three guys and six girls were now glaring at us warily. They were standing in groups that looked like families. My sister walked up to my side and Kathleen transformed back and stood next to my sister.

"I'm Chris. Do you know why we are here?" The blonde guy asked.

"No, we were just discussing that when you…. all arrived." I replied.

"Welcome Halloweens!" a voice boomed. We all jumped, pulled together and looked around. "You are all called here because of a prophecy made centuries ago."

"Which is?" One of the twin males asked.

"There will come a day when the new generation of Halloweens will have no teachers. These twelve will be outcasts and orphans. They must be brought together to learn together and to teach each other." The voice continued, "These twelve must get along and learn a control never needed before. Halloweens were never met to live together in one place. On the nights where the moon is full your control will be tested. Beyond even that on All Hallows Eve you must keep from destroying each other. And you twelve must learn to become one." Then the voice was silent.

"Well it seems like we must all be from different places." The other twin male said.

"I have one other question voice." The one named Chris said. "Where are we?"

"You are in the home of one of the first Halloweens. You are on an unmapped island in the Pacific Ocean. This is so while you are learning you hurt no one else." The voice replied.

"Okay then. Why us?" I asked.

"Every century a new generation of Halloweens is born. One family from each of the six populated continents. That was your final question. I will speak again." And it was silent.

"Okay." I said. "Alana and I are from Australia. Alana is a vampire and I'm an infernal."

"I'm f-from South America" Kathleen stuttered. I rested my hand on her shoulder to steady her. "And I'm a nightwolf." I slid my hand down to hold hers and she looked up at me with thanks in her eyes.

"My sisters and I are from North America." Chris said. "Cleo is an ice witch and Carin is a water witch. I am a warlock." Each beach blonde girl nodded as she was introduced.

"I'm Seera and I'm from Africa." The lone girl replied. "I'm well I guess I'm an electricity witch if you must." She looked like a tough one. She was definitely from Africa.

"Evan is a water dragon and I'm Ethan, a fire dragon." One twin male stated. "We're from Europe." They looked it, with their black hair and pale skin.

"I'm Neara and my younger twin sisters are Narcissa and Natalia." Said the wild haired girl with the two darker blondes. "They are both Tawny ware-wolves and I'm the alpha. We're from Asia." Weird names, but then again I suppose we're all strange to each other.

"Now that we all know each other, and know why we're here….sort of." I started. "Maybe we could sit down and figure out what to do?" We all sat down at the table in the middle of the room. It had exactly twelve chairs, of course."

"This place is creepy." Cleo said. "It's as if it was made for us."

"It sort of was." Ethan pointed out. "But I agree, still creepy." He replied as he looked around the big room.

"We need to decide what we're going to do." Cleo reminded.

"We need to explore." I said.

"We need to find food and decide where to sleep." Kathleen said. "Also maybe we'll find something to help us learn." I smiled at her still holding on to her hand although she seemed to be ok now.

"That's true." Neara stated.

"Let's split into four groups of three." I said. "One each to find the kitchen, bedrooms, library, and bathroom."

"I can go with Alex and Alana and Seera can go with Evan and Ethan." Kathleen said.

"We'll find food." Neara said.

"We'll cover bathrooms." Chris suggested.

"We can get the bedrooms." Ethan replied.

"Ok that leaves us with the library." I said. As we walked away I walked next to Kathleen. "You were great in there!"

"Thanks." She said blushing. "In my pack I was second only to the alphas." She looked into my eyes, "You were good too. You lead well."

"You seem less afraid now."

"Someone needed me, so I had to be strong." She replied determinedly. "Being human is still weird for me. I don't know how to act or what to do."

"I think you're doing great." Alana said, walking up after checking a door.

"This way." Kathleen said after seeming to smell the air."

"How can you tell?" I asked curiously.

" I can smell all the paper and binding glue." She replied, smiling at our awestruck faces. We walked into a huge room full of books.

"It's amazing." Alana gasped, looking up at the two stories full of books of every shape and size.

"If you're not usually human how do you know what paper and glue smell like?"

"The two times I was human before I came here I went into town and went everywhere. I was to learn the smells so that I could warn if it was a harmful human out hunting or a safe one reading a book or painting." Alana had gone upstairs and we could hear her walking around.

"And which am I?" I teased. She locked eyes with me and walked in a circle around me. Then she walked closer and grasped my hand.

"You are safe." She replied grinning slyly.

"Hey guys look at this!" Alana shouted from upstairs. We walked up to her, next to a huge porthole window.

"Wow....That's perfect." Kathleen said.

"Yea it is." I replied. "We should head back now though."

"Yes, we need to report." Kathleen agreed. So we walked back to the room we had all appeared in. The Asian girls were back and there was food on the table. And as we walked in the European twins and the African girl returned.

"We'll wait for everyone before we report." She said. What was her name again? Oh yes, Seera. And the twins were Evan and Ethan. The other two groups walked in.

"Ok." Kathleen began, taking charge. "Groups report in the order that we returned." She looked at Neara.

"The kitchen is fully stocked with food and there's a veggie garden and fruit orchard to the South. She reported. "We also found an infirmary connected to the kitchen." She looked at me next.

"We found the library which is two stories high. We also found a training area to the East. It looks perfect for practicing fighting and powers." Kathleen grinned at me then turned to Evan, Ethan, and Seera.

"We found six bedrooms with dividers, four have female furnishings and two have male." Ethan reported.

"We found six bathrooms. It seems they are to be shared like the bedrooms." Said Chris.

"Let's eat." Kathleen suggested. We all sat at the table together and talked. By the time we were finished eating we were a bit more relaxed with each other. I had also found out that we really are all orphans.

"Halloweens." We were all silent immediately. I could see Kathleen and Neara looking around for the source as I was. "One more thing tonight. You will have a….Alpha pair. I will have the final say but in reality they will show themselves. Not only that, but I say Alpha like a pack because your leaders will join together and you will all be a family. You who think you will be chosen are wrong." Neara looked startled, then confused as did Evan. "Goodnight Halloweens."

We all went to our rooms as agreed upon at dinner. I was sharing with Chris. Alan and Kathleen would be sharing as would Neara and Seera. Both sets of twins had refused separation and Chris's sisters Carin and Cleo were together. As I lay in bed I am hoping that this will all seem clearer in the morning.

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