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ENJOYLike She Always Wanted

After almost a year of planning the day had finally come for Alexa Baxter's wedding day. She had wanted this since she was just a little girl. She always dreamed about having the perfect little wedding, with the perfect white dress, with the perfect white flowers and a man that loved her to marry her.

She stood in front of the mirror in the back room of a small little chapel in her small home town, where she always dreamed of getting married. Her black long hair was tied up in a elegant bun with a veil in the top of her head making it her look beautiful. Since she never wore to much make, she didn't use much that day, she looked light and normal. And her dress hugged her curves while going down her legs hiding everything underneath it. It was all perfect `but she didn't feel happy.

Alexa knew what was wrong, she had figure out days ago. She knew she was about to marry the wrong guy. Eric Buffay loved her, adored her and she loved him, he was safe and perfect but it wasn't what she always wanted. She married him because she did loved him and she knew it was the right thing to do.

A small soft knock was heard in the door making her heart race with fury. "Come in" She said softly. Her heart went back to normal when she saw her maid of honor enter the room. As a novel writer she always had a wild imagination, and she image the guy she wanted to marry coming on her wedding day and telling her he loved her. His name was Mikael Foster, and he was her high school sweet heart and the love of her life. They had broken up because he didn't want to get married, he wanted exactly what he had but Alexa wanted more so she had to leave and find the second best man, and that was Eric.

"You shouldn't do this" Emma said as she walked over to her best friend.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because you don't love him... you love Mikael" Emma said.

"But he doesn't want to get married and I do. I disserve to be happy, and I'm gonna be happy with Eric" She assure Emma, but she was really assuring herself. Emma sighs and nods.

"They're ready" She said as she faked a smile, so her best friend would at least pretend she was happy with her decision.

"Ok, let's go" Alexa said with a grin. They both walked out in silence, there was nothing to say. They both knew it was wrong, but at least someone was happy.

The music started and one by one the bridesmaid walked down the hile, each one dressed in the same color in the same dress that Alexa had picked herself. "Good Luck" Emma said as she smiled at her friend who had put her veil down covering her face. Alexa smiled back, but it was fake. Emma nod and walked down the hile giving a small shrug to her boyfriend who sat with the guest.

Alexa's heart started pounding loudly again, this time she was getting cold feet. A strange pain in the middle of her chest started hurting and she felt like she almost couldn't breathe. She gasps for air as tear flowed out of her eyes and the thought came in to her mind. "This isn't your happy ending"

Alexa shrugged off, it was her happy ending, and she reminded herself. She took a deep breath and started walking down the hile.

Every faced she passed smiled at her proudly. As she gripped her father's arm tightly for balance. They were all so proud, oh so proud. They were happy for her, but she wasn't happy, she wasn't happy at all. They had reached the front of the church where Eric waited for her with his hand offering to help her up, into her new life with him. She heisted, but the she gave in. She stuck her hand and reach for his but quickly redrew it when someone called her name from behind her.

She knew that voice, it was his voice. She hadn't been hearing it every night in her dream. She turn around to find him, standing there panting from running, in his old blue jean and a dark blue shirt. His hair was dripping with melted snow since she was getting married in the middle of December, with the streets all covered in a blanket of snow, like she always wanted. "Mikael?" She heard herself ask. A ghostly smile escapes his lips as he walked down the hile and stopped right in front of her still panting.

"You can't marry him... you can't" He whispered. She was shocked; his hand had reach to cup her cheeks making melt at his touch, making her stomach flip... that was his effected on her.

"Why?" She asked.

"He isn't the one you marry. I'm you're guy... marry me" He said.

"No... You came too late" She refuse. She turns around to take Eric's hand who still was reaching towards her but Mikael grabs her arms firmly and turns around and kissed her. The kiss made her knees went weak, and she couldn't resist him. Not because he was stronger but because he was him.

"I love you Alexa, marry me. I'm your guy" He said resting his forehead with her, making her look in too his light brown eyes that she always liked. They were so special, they were brown but they looked almost yellow. They were unique unlike her ocean blue.

"I- I- I can't... You- you don't want to" She said.

"I want to... I can't live without you please" He whisper. She closed her eyes and opens them again and there he was begging her, begging her to be with him and she was saying no... she was saying no to her real happiness.

"How dare you, interrupt our wedding, she said no! Now leave!" Eric said. He had moved from down the altar and dragged Mikael away from Alexa. Alexa stared at him, he was pleading to reconsider but she said nothing. She looked down her hand where her engagement ring laid.

"Fine. I'm sorry" Mikael said quietly as he shrugged off Eric and walked away. Eric sighs and walked back toward Alexa and wraps his arms around her waist.

"You ok?" He asked. She looked up showing him, her tears.

"I'm sorry" She said. She slipped her ring away from her finger and laid it gently on his hand. "I'm sorry" She repeated. She turns around and walked quickly towards Mikael. "Mikael wait!" She called him. He turns around to find her walking towards him, landing on his arms crying and saying "I love you" over and over again. Mikael smiled sweetly and hugged her back.

"I love you too Alex" He whispered. He brought her face up to his and kissed her once again. "Come on let's get out of here" He whisper as they parted away.

"A little late, but you made it" A female voice said from behind them. Alexa turn around to find Emma hugging her boyfriend smiling at them. Alexa couldn't help but laughed, she felt so secure in his arms.

"Come on let's go" Alexander said with a serious look as he looked around and they nod. They left the full of confuse, shocked people in the old chapel, but before they left Emma yelled "See ya suckers" giving them a grin that only Alexa's parents laughed quietly before she was dragged away by her boyfriend.

As they got in to Mikael's car, Alexa smiled. She had just walked out of her perfect dream wedding but she was walking in to her dream future life. Only her with and Mikael, like she always wanted.

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By. AlexaRuiz