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It took twenty-three years of life for Chase Lennox to feel like something was missing.

Chase had never wanted for much in life. He and his two older brothers, Evan and Wyatt, had started an extremely successful music career before he was even in middle school – Lennox was now a household name. By the time puberty hit, he was a world traveler and had thousands of girls throwing themselves at him. They put out three successful records before he was even in high school. He considered himself to be a simple guy though, and hadn't ever really given any of them a passing glance. He had a few girlfriends, but never anything serious or long-term.

Then, about a year after their third album was released, the record label they were signed with wanted a different sound from the band. The brothers were growing and maturing but their management wasn't interested in travelling in the new direction the band found themselves facing. Making a huge decision, Lennox broke with their label and started their own indie company. Much less commercialized and with a different sound, they were able to put their four album out three years after the previous one.

The shows and venues were smaller, but Chase felt like their careers were expanding. They were all three growing and growing up, and so was their music and their label. Record sales were still amazing, and they were able to do some great philanthropic work with the extra time they had. He still felt incredibly blessed that he'd been able to continue to pursue his life's dream for that many years and not have to compromise.

Lennox had just finished a four-month tour that had taken them to many different cities to promote their newest work for an album that would be available the next year. The fans were excited, and the band was excited.

Amazing scenery passed by outside the tour bus window on their way home after the last show, but Chase didn't notice it at all. He didn't notice the bumps in the road that jostled him around in his bunk. All he could think about was the tone in his girlfriend Lauren's voice when she had ended their recent phone call.

It was the first road trip in the year and half he and Lauren had been together that she had opted not to travel on with him. It was the first four months of their relationship that they had gone any amount of time without talking – when Chase could finally catch up to her, it would only be every two to three days, and those conversations were short and superficial.

He'd questioned her endlessly after this last show, but all she would cave to was to be there to pick him up when he got back to their Oklahoma hometown and promised to tell him everything then. Chase reminded her how much he loved her before letting her hand up the phone.

Now his thoughts traveled to the worst. She would tell him everything about what? What could there possibly be to explain?

He knew that Evan and Wyatt were looking forward to seeing Kyla and Janie and he didn't want to ruin that for them, so he just kept his mouth shut about his worries and went to bed, but knew it would take him awhile to fall asleep.

Letting out a breath he felt as though he'd been holding for quite awhile, he powered his mobile phone down and tried to get comfortable in the small space. He told himself that everything would work out with Lauren, and, if it didn't, he told himself, he would be fine.

Chase Lennox told himself everything would be fine, but believing it was a whole different story.