He's My Playboy

This story contains yaoi, manXman. If you don't like, don't read.

Rated M for a reason!

The original story is only 5 chapters. But I also made a sequel that's another five chapters, so if you like the first half, be sure to read the second! Enjoy :D


Note: I have re-edited this story. Mostly some spelling and a few sentence changes.



Toma watched him from across the classroom. This was the first year they were in class together. Though Toma knew of Ryuu, they had never spoken nor formally met. Ryuu probably didn't know Toma's name; if he passed him in the hall, Ryuu wouldn't realize they were in the same class.

But Toma knew of Ryuu. Everyone did.

He was tall, blond, toned and gorgeous: the playboy of the school.

Toma watched Ryuu because he was fascinated.

All Ryuu had to do was twitch and people would flock to him. At that moment he was leaning back in his chair with his feet resting on the desk surrounded by fellow students. Toma wouldn't be surprised if one of them started giving him a massage.

Ryuu suddenly looked up. His eyes immediately caught Toma's as if he had sensed his gaze. After a mere second of eye contact, Toma jerked his head away with a blush overwhelming his cheeks.

Was Toma embarrassed at being caught or something else?

In that small moment Ryuu had flashed Toma a sideways smile as if he knew Toma was thinking intensely about him.

Toma's heart thumped.

Maybe he was just intimidated.

A far as humanity was concerned; Toma was nothing compared to Ryuu. Toma was slightly below average height, had scraggly black hair blocking his face, and he wore thick-rimmed glasses to compensate for his nearsightedness. His only good point was his high grades. He beat Ryuu in that area, but only by a short margin.

He glanced back at Ryuu. The crowd had thinned as some departed in search for their assigned seats to begin class. Ryuu was still in his relaxed pose laughing with another student but his eyes were still on Toma. Toma spun back around. Clumsily he knocked his notebooks onto the floor.

His heart was about to claw its way out of his chest.

"Hey, you okay?" Mizu asked. Mizu was the classmate who sat on Toma's right side. Toma was quiet so he didn't have many friends, but Mizu was always friendly with him.

"Y-yeah, I'm fine." Toma responded while bending over to gather up his fallen papers.

"Really? Your face is practically crimson and you look like your going to loose your breakfast."

"No I'm fine really."

For the rest of the day, Toma could feel Ryuu's eyes on his back. He was probably imagining things, but he didn't dare turn around to check.




"Hey! Watch it shorty!"


Toma looked up confused. He had been walking home in a daze and had barely realized he'd run into someone.

"I said watch where you're goin'!" A stern voice said when a hand grabbed Toma by the shirt. "Looks like you've got a problem with your eyes and your ears."

Three older students stood in front of Toma; unfortunately they looked even gruffer than they sounded. The one clutching Toma's shirt had several piercings around his face and a sneer that showed un-kept teeth. He pulled Toma towards him, forcing him onto his tiptoes to stand face level. The two behind him had nasty grins.

"Ah, oh, sorry." Toma turned his face away. His heart rate increased and his mind was blank.

"Huh? You're sorry?" The leader scoffed while one of his buddies sniggered. "Well sorry just aint gonna cut it."

He jerked on Toma's shirt and hauled him into the shadows of an ally. He suddenly released his grip causing Toma to stumble onto the ground. Toma scrapped his palms trying to catch himself and his glasses tumbling useless to the pavement. He sat on the ground, back pressed against the brick wall; helplessly looking up at the three men who were getting ready to smash his head in.

One of the other two addressed their leader, "Hey Blue, whatcha wanna do with 'im?"

"Why don't we make it so he can't walk," suggested the third one, "that way he wont be runnin' into people no more."

Blue leaned down and grabbed a chunk of Toma's hair. Toma gritted his teeth against the pain. Blue kept his grip firm as he fished into his pocket. He pulled out a lighter.

"Hmm, you've got quite pretty hair for a boy."

Toma heard the lighter flick. The smell of burning hair reached his nose.

Toma cried out in surprise. Blue released his hand then slapped Toma across the face.

"Shut up you idiot! If you don't keep quiet we're gonna be rippin' out your tongue."

"Burn his face, Blue!"

Toma shut his eyes and curled into a ball.

"Hey what's the matter kid?" Blue grabbed Toma's chin and pushed his face up. He could feel the heat from the lighter inches from his face. "Chick's love scars. Were just doin' ya' nerdy face a favor."

Toma's body was shaking and his mind was completely blank. With eyes still scrunched shut, all he could do was brace himself for the next surge of pain.

There was a muffled 'thump' sound and Toma thought he had been struck again. He waited for his mind to process the pain but it never did. Blue removed his hand and the heat went away.

One of the guys shouted a curse and Toma opened his eyes.

One of his three tormentors was lying on the ground. He looked around to find the other two. They were standing defensively, their backs turned to Toma, looking at a new figure.

The newcomer twisted his body and landed a kick into Blue's head. Blue stumbled back into the wall clutching the side of his face. His other buddy found a fist launched into his gut. After a few more kicks and punches, the three gave up the fight and abandoned the ally.

"You alright?"

Toma was staring into the ground. He was trying to get himself to relax before he threw up all over himself.

A firm hand gently grasped his arm and pulled him from the ground.

"Hey, you okay?"

Toma looked up to see Ryuu staring at him.

"Mm, yeah, fine."

Toma was grateful but embarrassed at the same time. He tried to move away but the wall was still at his back and Ryuu was still holding his arm. Ryuu, who didn't seem at all harmed, was standing very close to Toma.

"As I thought. You're pretty cute under your glasses."

Toma didn't say anything. Instead he merely looked at Ryuu with what must have been a stupid and surprised expression. If Toma had expected Ryuu to say anything, those words wouldn't have been it. And what did he mean cute?

Before he could reason anything out, Ryuu had placed his lips over Toma's.

Toma was in shock and couldn't react. Ryuu's lips were soft and warm and pressing firmly against Toma. Ryuu brought the thumb of his free hand up to Toma's chin. Gently he opened Toma's jaw enough to slip his tongue inside Toma's mouth. Ryuu's tongue prodded deep into Toma, caressing his tongue. Ryuu pulled away just enough to suck lightly on Toma's lower lip. Toma gave a slight moan and Ryuu pressed his body against him. Ryuu brought both of his hands down to slowly run along Toma's side making trails between his rips and waist. One hand strayed from its course and wrapped itself around Toma's rear.

The change in contact released Toma from the enchantment and he shoved Ryuu away.

"What the hell do you think your doing!" Toma began to rub at his lips trying to get the feel of Ryuu off of them.

"That was payment for me saving you."

"Payment my ass, who said you could kiss me?"

"You seemed to like it." Ryuu shrugged.

They stared each other down. Toma's body was flustered and confused and he was sure he was going to pass out. In a manner of seconds he had gone from fear to… to… to what? Arousal? Toma was shocked, a guy forcefully took his first kiss, and he liked it? Toma refused to believe it.

"Why would I enjoy a kiss from a guy?"

Toma turned away first, and started to look for his discarded glasses. Ryuu stood watching Toma with his arms crossed.

"How un-cute." Ryuu stated.

"What?" Toma spun around having found his glasses.

"In contrast to your exterior, your behavior is very un-cute."

"Of course! I'm a guy!"

"Alright guy, I'll see you in class tomorrow."

Ryuu left Toma standing alone. Toma looked down to see a large crack splitting one of his lenses.