In frustration, Ryuu planted his hands on the desk and jumped from the chair.

Neji looked up at him in surprise. "You okay? What's up?"

Ryuu half snarled. "Nothing."

He turned from his desk and tramped away. "I'm going for a walk."

"Ah… okay…" Neji responded, but Ryuu had already left.

Wah! What's wrong with me?

Thoughts about Toma had torn him away from any chances of being productive.

First he paced in the hallway. He didn't know where to go until something clicked in his head: they work for the same company and in the same building.

Taking the halls and stairs like an obstacle course he made his way to the marketing department. When he arrived panting, he nearly ran into an older man carrying a stack of papers.

"Is Toma Kaiya here?"

"Toma?" the man was slightly baffled and took several agonizing seconds to answer. "No, I don't think so. I believe he called in sick today."

Ryuu slumped.

Not here?

"You all right?" the man said peering at the disheveled man.

"Y… yeah." Ryuu murmured.

Be optimistic! He's not here today, but he has to come back some day.

Or not.

Toma had disappeared from Ryuu once, what was stopping him from doing it a second time?

Would his job stop him from leaving?


Tome could have already found a new job, or he could be using a sick leave to find one.

"What is Toma's address?" Ryuu asked anxiously.

The man paused for a moment. "I'm sorry, but I can't give you that information."

Is this defeat?

Ryuu sighed then trudging away.




Ryuu passed the bar where he'd seen Toma the night before. He nearly went in when his mind conjured up an image of meeting Toma there, but the image passed and so did he. Ryuu walked on in the dim light like he had the night before. And like last night, something caught his eye.

Ryuu caught a glimpse of a man briefly enough to see his face. It was a face from last night: the man who'd been harassing Toma. He was carrying something large with both hands, but he had turned before Ryuu could see what it was.

With nothing better to do, Ryuu watched the man's back as he followed behind. Soon they reached apartment buildings and Ryuu wondered if the man was merely going home. Ryuu almost stopped his pursuit. Almost.

When the man picked an apartment building, Ryuu stood by the gate to watch. He watched the man climb several stairs then pick a door.

He rang the doorbell.

Ryuu squinted his eyes to see who answered the door. Though the light outside had grown dim, the light from the apartment was enough for Ryuu to make out a figure.


Ryuu rushed forward, not caring to find an excuse for his presence. Taking the stairs in bounds he made his way towards Toma.

Toma stood in the doorway while the man, leaning forward, rested his arm on the doorframe. A yielding look had taken over Toma's features. It appeared as if the man was about to enter the apartment, and Toma wasn't going to stop him. Loud stomping caught the attention of the pair as Ryuu made his way towards the door.

"Ryuu?" Toma questioned, shifting his eyes as he tried to analyze the situation. "What are you doing here?"


The man stepped between Toma and Ryuu. He no longer held the item he'd brought. "Who are you to keep barging in, huh?"

"Why do you keep harassing Toma?" Ryuu barked back.

The man smirked. "I wouldn't call it harassment -"

"Mik." Toma interrupted in an almost warning tone.

The man, Mik, sighed then turning from Ryuu and spoke to Toma. "I guess it can't be helped, you've already gotten yourself a new squeeze."

If Ryuu hadn't been glaring so intensely at Mik, he would have noticed a blush crossing Toma's face.

Mik spoke his goodbye more gracefully then his last departure then left the two.

Ryuu watched him till his back had fully disappeared into the darkness.

"Toma." He said, turning towards him. Before he continued with what he was going to say, something just beyond the door caught his eye: a cardboard box. "Toma! You are moving!"

"What?" Toma twisted his body to peer where Ryuu stared. "What are you talking about?"

"The cardboard box!" Ryuu made his way into Toma's apartment. "You're packing to leave again, aren't you?"

Toma shut the door. "Don't jump to conclusions, Ryuu."


"Mik brought over some of my stuff in this box."

Ryuu paused to think. So that was what the man was carrying. But why did he have Toma's stuff… … "Toma, so you do know the guy."

Toma sighed. "He's my ex."

"You said you didn't know him."

"It's not like I have to tell you my whole history."

"Wait… he was your ex-boyfriend?" Ryuu choked out, fully realizing what Toma had said.

"You don't have to be so surprised." Toma picked up the box and moved it into the living room, Ryuu followed. "He came to drop off the stuff that I'd been keeping at his house."

Ryuu practically snarled. "It looked like he had something else in mind as well."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"It looked as if you were going to let him into your apartment with the full knowledge of what he wanted to do with you."

Toma turned away. "It's none of your business what I do with others."

"Of course it is!" Ryuu stepped towards Toma. Putting his hand on his shoulder, Ryuu turned Toma to face him. "Why would you let him in?"

Toma didn't look at Ryuu but brushed his hand away. "Why shouldn't I have? I'm tired and frustrated. Is there something wrong with needing comfort?"

Ryuu pulled Toma into him and locked his lips firmly onto Toma's.

Toma feebly tried to resist for a second, but then he relaxed his body against Ryuu.

Ryuu pulled away and looked into the half closed eyes. "You don't have to get comfort from anyone other than me."

He kissed Toma again, but it was gentle and brief.

Toma spoke softly. "Ryuu, wait. I…"

Ryuu kissed Toma on the forehead, and then taking his hand, he led Toma out of the living room. With a lucky guess, he found the door belonging to the bedroom. Toma sat on the bed as Ryuu, running his hands along the smooth skin, slowly took Toma's clothes off. Then he slipped off his own cloths.

Toma inched shyly towards the center of the bed. Ryuu leaned forward and grasped him in an embrace.

"Ryuu, what -?"

"Toma" He clutched tightly, not letting go. "Please don't leave me again."

"Okay." Toma said in a whisper. "Ryuu. I… always… I have always loved you."

Ryuu pulled away enough to see Toma's blushing face. "I love you too. I just wish I had realized sooner."

Toma wrapped his arms around Ryuu's neck and pulled him into a deep kiss. Their bodies tilted and they lay on the bed. Ryuu ran his hands down Toma till he grasped his length.

Toma moaned and arched his back as Ryuu pumped. Ryuu kissed Toma's neck, then ran his tongue along his jaw then collarbone.

Ryuu moved his hand and found Toma's entrance. With some lube he found in the bedside table, it needed little stretching before it was ready.

Pressing his hardened tip against Toma, he pushed in. Toma gasped and clutched onto Ryuu.

Once he'd slid in fully, he paused as Toma adjusted. Soon, Toma was shifting his hips, wanting more. Taking the hint, Ryuu thrust himself into Toma countless times, making Toma cry out from the pressure against his prostate.

Till dawn, their bodies were connected. Twisting, panting, moaning, and thrusting in attempt to make up for time they had spent apart.




Ryuu lay on his back, his head tilted to see the pink sky outside the window. A warm weight rested against him and Ryuu had wrapped his arm around him to keep him close.

Toma's head was centered on Ryuu's chest, and he was breathing deeply nearly asleep.

"Ryuu." Toma spoke drowsily, his voice muffled by Ryuu's chest.


"Now you'll have to be mine forever."

Ryuu laughed affectionately and kissed Toma's beautiful black hair.