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Full Summary-

Years ago, she'd had a momentary schoolgirl crush on him. Now, Crystal is on a life-and-death mission which brings her back to him. Will she fulfill her mission or will she break Rule 1 and fall in love all over again?

In an island near Australia,there's a secret agency of research and 's the heir to C.O.D.E, the secret agency. Now meet in a playboy brother,some crazy events and a mastermind criminal and voila!RnR PLEASE!!


10 minutes. The two figures in the dark ran with all their speed. The woman, still young enough to be called a girl, was panting heavily. She was never much of a runner. "Go on ahead without me. Tell Mask I was glad to have died in his service." She called out to the man. He hesitated, not because he was worried for the girl, but because of what his master would say when he appeared without her. "Time's running out! Hurry! If they find both of us, it'll ruin everything! Go!" He didn't need telling thrice. Her plan would definitely fail if he was anywhere near, that is if, first, she survived. He didn't need telling thrice. If they were caught, the consequences would be more than torture. The man headed off in hasty speed without a word leaving the girl behind him.

5 minutes. She ran as fast as she could but was nowhere near her goal. She had to keep running, to make distance. Distance between her and the place where she had just left. Minutes passed, yet she felt as if time was stretching on forever, and with that, so was the distance to her destination. Her heart beat as loud as drums and her sides were aching with pain as her breathe came out in sharp gasps. She pushed herself faster even though her legs screamed with pain, but how much time she had left, she didn't know.

3 minutes. Each beat of her heart was counted and any one of them might as well be her last if she didn't make it out on time. Yet, the odds of that were nil. As that realization hit her, a single tear fell from her wide eyes. No. She would not, could not, even think of that possibility. There were people counting on her. But there was a huge possibility that even if she did make it out, she would die, nonetheless.

1 minute. At the eleventh hour, she heard footsteps. Coming closer and closer. She turned around. Yes, there was a man behind her, running, trying to catch up with her. He seemed to be middle-aged and had great amounts of fat in his body. "What are you doing here? Didn't you hear the warning?" Her eyes turned to slits at the unknown man. If she survived, A witness was the last thing she needed, and yet, she couldn't deny the relief that ebbed through her at the simple fact that she was not alone. She despised herself for feeling such weakness. Even after all those years she still had something like that left with her and her self disgust increased within her as she strained to hear what the man was saying.

"I was-gasp-taking-gasp-a nap. My-gasp-room's soundproof and-gasp-by the time-gasp-I realized what-gasp-was going on-gasp-all the other exits-gasp-were barred." He finally managed to finish. He was panting so hard, she had to strain her ears to listen. He tried again to catch up with her with his flesh bouncing up and down, but failed miserably. The sight of him gave her a mad urge to laugh for the briefest second before she was thrown back to reality and realized that there was nowhere to run to. 30 seconds.

"So where are you running?" she asked the man with a confused look as she skidded to a halt.

"I was about to-gasp-check if the-gasp-back door was open." He panted heavily as he came to a stop beside her.

"There isn't any time!" she yelled in panic as she gave a hasty glance towards her watch. Even as she said it, she spotted a window. One that wasn't covered with iron or steel bars and a brilliant idea occurred to her. "Follow me!" she shouted, and the middle aged man obeyed immediately. She led him to the window but one glance at it had him backtracking. They didn't have any time to waste. She pushed him with all her strength but didn't have to do anything for herself and she was thrown into the air violently. The bomb had exploded.

She felt the rush of the air push past her as the force of the explosion pushed her forward. For a while she felt exhilarated as she was free falling. She didn't have to look below to notice that she had just jumped, or at least intended to jump, but instead, fallen from the sixth storey of a building. As the cold wind brushed her face until it was numb, she thought of the middle-aged man she'd pushed from the building. He was terrified at this moment, no doubt, as he spiraled towards the surface of the earth only a few feet ahead of her, as he had fallen only seconds earlier.

Personally, she wouldn't have shown even a grain of concern for him, and still did not feel any worry. But she had tried to save him because though she believed otherwise, her heart still contained a shred of hope that if she survived by some miracle, she'd need the witness. If she didn't, then, well, at least she could have said that she had tried to do a good deed before her death. Her lips curved into a smile at the thought that one small act of justice would cover all the other things she'd done in her life. She no longer had any hope. It would need more than a miracle to save her now and she truly couldn't regret dying and her last wish was for it to end quickly and without too much pain. She closed her eyes and waited for the end to come.

The force of the pain knocked the breathe out of her. It engulfed her in a darkness thicker than the night. She wanted to scream out for someone to end it. When she visualized death, it was always quick and painless. But there weren't words enough to describe what she was feeling. Her body lay flat and numb, as though she were already dead, and muffled her scream. She heard footsteps coming closer but barely paid attention to it. Please let me die. Please. No more pain. The chant rang through her head. Her heart felt as if it were burning at a stake and sharp diamonds were being plunged like daggers into her veins. There were voices surrounding her but they were muffled. Her body was limp and dead but who could guess the pain the stabbed at her underneath?

She lay there for what seemed like hours, yet death did not come. The voices around her increased and she desperately tried to move, to get away from them all. If death wasn't going to take her, she didn't want to lie there, in the midst of her enemies. She willed her eyes to open but felt the first dregs of dizziness approach and her lips curved infinitesimally. Here was, finally, death. She sighed impatiently trying to ignore the stabbing pains which tore her up piece by piece and then finally, she sawit. One last picture before she drifted off into a void of darkness. A fair face with green eyes staring happily through a mane of thick brown hair and a soccer ball in one hand as he waved his hand.

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