Blood trickled down the side of her neck. Tears fell from her lavender eyes. Stray silver hairs plaster her cheeks. "Why…why are you doing this?" she asked in no more than a whisper.

The shadow cast over her body knelt down in front of her. A male with short messy dark purple hair leaned towards her face. "You…you taste so good…" he said licking his bloody lips and revealed two sharp pointed teeth on the top row of his mouth.

The girl gulped and backed away slightly. The guy moved closer to her and grabbed her shoulders. "Lance…please…. snap out of it." The girl cried. Lance pulled her close to him. At first she thought he was hugging her but he began to re-sink his teeth onto her neck once more.

She let out a squeal of pain. Blood that didn't go into his mouth slowly dripped from her wound. Slowly her eyes fell down like a curtain and her last breath was gone. He slowly removed his teeth and let her fall back. With the thud of her body, he left with an evil, bloodlust grin on his smooth face.

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