Dear Grandpa

It's been a year, almost two
I don't think you understand what you did, do you?
You left me and all of us here!
With a pain that's almost impossible to bear.

You were on a trip that day
you and Grandma, it wasn't that far away.
No one came to say bye, before
No one knew you'd soon walk out the door.

I can still remember the time and the date
I remember waking up just to hear it's too late.
I didn't even get a chance to say goodbye!
I remember thinking, why? Why did you have to die?

And Grandma, how could you leave her on her own?
She's so sad, always feeling down.
But worst of all are the countless sighs
there's no more singing and baking pies.

How do you think it feels to visit your grave,
still having all those words I was stupid enough to save?
How do you think it feels to still having your number on my phone
knowing if I call you I'll be on the line alone?

It sounds like I'm blaming you but I'm not
I just miss you a lot.
It's just so hard to move on, smile and such
when we all miss you so very, very much.

I know you're smiling down on us from the sky
and I know you don't want us to go here and cry.
And at night I pray
we'll be together again one day.