Note: Hey Guys, so I've been wanting to publish something cute in the romance genre here for a while. So here is my attempt in the form of a one-shot. Enjoy

It all started on Monday morning. I knew that it wasn't one of those flip flop days, but I rebelled against instinct and decided to wear my extremely old trusty flip-flops. It just so happened that on this particular Monday, my bus came early, and I was rounding the corner on Maple Street when the bus started to pull away. Even though it was futile, I could not help dramatically running after the bus screaming my head off. And when I stopped, panting, with my hands on my knees, I heard a laugh. Rotating my head, I disdainfully glanced upon the offender, a stupid little kid on a tricycle. So what did I do? I chucked my English binder at him. Unfortunately, being as awful an aim as I am, I completely missed his head, and my binder landed in the middle of a puddle. I just about ripped out my hair in frustration, but remembered something called school. Before I high-tailed it out of there, I stuck my tongue out at the little brat, and he just whimpered. Take that, punk. I sprinted to school, and gasped for breath as I stopped short at the door of my first period class, English. Compose yourself, I reminded myself before pushing the door open and walking in. But with the way my day had already started, it was only natural that everyone would turn and stare. I giggled nervously and waved to my teacher before sliding into the only available seat. My teacher only glared at me, before droning on about Ernest Hemingway.

Five minutes later, just as I was beginning to doze off, someone poked me in the side. Clearly I instantly became enraged, and I turned, only to meet the eyes of Noah Bagley. I barely knew this punk. Noah Bagley wasn't particularly popular, but he wasn't a nerd either, he hung out with a mixture of jocks and intellectual guys from our school. He wasn't drop dead gorgeous or anything, but there was a natural grace to the way he moved, and he had the cutest dimples in his cheeks. Not that I had been stalking him or anything, but he also smelled like a mixture of the woods, soap and pure boy. Yum. He noticed that I had been staring at him for an extended period of time and winked at me. I instantly blushed, but then remembered the reason I was looking at him in the first place. So I just kicked his ankle for revenge for making me blush. I grinned as I heard him hiss in pain.

"What the hell?" He whispered.

"You poked me first." I shot back, before angling my body away from his.

He did the same, and we continued to ignore each other for the rest of the block.

When the bell finally rang, I hastily rose to my feet and sprinted out of the classroom. The rest of the day was awful. Not that school is usually good, but I continued to have more accidents, including dumping my lunch on Trent Smith's lap by accident. Trent was over two hundred pounds of pure muscle, and I gaped at him as he threateningly stood up. He looked extremely pissed and I choked on my own spit before throwing a napkin at him. Using my wit, I told him that "he needed to clean himself up" before I ran out of the cafeteria like death was following me (which it really was). But as I ran around a corner, I slammed into someone, and I stumbled back. I glanced up, noticing my victim was Noah, before muttering a quick "sorry." He just gave me a weird look. I was pleased that this annoying, yet attractive young man now thought I was weird. My life was now complete.

The rest of the day was unremarkable, and I thought God had finally decided to be merciful. However, I was soon proved wrong as I skipped to my last block of the day, history class. My rubber flip flop snapped. That's right. My flip flop broke. I stared at it in horror before viciously ripping it off and chucking it with all my might down the hallway. But as I stood there, snarling, I soon realized with horror that I had accidentally struck Mr. G, an intimidating gym teacher. I watched in slow motion as his head started to turn around. So I did the first thing I could think of and grabbed the human behind me and shielded myself. I still cringing, and muttering curses when someone touched my arm and said "You can let go of me now." I opened one eye carefully and gasped when I saw Noah standing in front of me in all his glory (not that kind of glory you sick perverts!)

I choked, and then giggled nervously. "Uhh, sorry about that." I managed to garble.

"No problem. Hey, what happened to your shoe?"

"Oh, uh, you see, it's actually a long story…"

"Do you want a piggyback ride?"

I blinked, and then pinched myself. Did Noah Bagley just ask me if I wanted a piggyback ride? No, this must be a dream.

Well, one must enjoy dreams.

"Sure!" I smiled charmingly at my savior.

He shook his head, and then bent down, preparing himself.

My "dream-self" did not even hesitate, and leapt onto his back. As he stood up, I snuggled in closer to my prince, not caring if he noticed or not. I felt him stiffen slightly, and cackled in my head before I burrowed my head into his shoulder and breathed in deeply. Wow, he smelled good. He cleared his throat, and said, "Did you just smell me?"

As I blinked a couple times, I pinched myself again. Wait, I thought to myself, if this is a dream, then why does my remaining flip-flop have that mark from that time my dog bit it?

I bit back a horrified scream. I had just utterly humiliated myself in front of a desirable male.

"Uhhgh." I groaned. Then I started to struggle to get off of my temporary lover.

But he wasn't having it. "Hey, what's wrong? You're not heavy if that's what you're worried about."

I bent forward as I tried to settle once more, but just then he turned his head to look at me, and my lips met his at the corner.

My first thought: "Oh crap. Oh crap."
And then I decided to escape one of the most humiliating moments of my life. So I took advantage of the awkward silence and jumped off of his back before he could react.

"Sophie!" He called after me as I tore my other flip-flop off and sprinted out the entrance to the high school. I was breathing hard as I pushed past the doors, and then I was home free. I ran to the bus again as a cool kid such as myself would do, and barely made it as the doors closed and we started to roll away.

Okay, so maybe I felt a little bit of guilt as I turned around and saw Noah run out the doors looking right and left for me.

But the humiliation was just too great, and so I sunk into my seat.

Fast forward to the next morning.

"But Mom!" I whined, "I really am sick, look I'm practically dying I'm so ill." I clutched my throat dramatically and started to fall to the ground.

"Honey" She gave me the look. "You're going to school today. I don't want you missing any classes. Your last year is so important!"

I rolled my eyes "Fine, I'll go. But if I don't come back, then you can blame yourself for my early death."

She laughed. Yes, that's right. My mother laughed about my death! It seems the whole world was against me lately.

So I trudged out the door, and made it to the bus safely, and then onto school.

In order to disguise myself I was wearing a thick scarf and sunglasses. It wasn't like I was trying to avoid anyone or anything crazy like that.

I made it to first period without any mishaps. Until I realized that like any other day, I had English first period.


I slid (not so gracefully, as I tripped over Becca Smith's bag, and then landed with my face in Matt Jones' crotch. Yeah it was awkward) into class and slunk low in my seat. I glanced surreptitiously to my right. Crap. He was here. And my disguise didn't work! He winked at me. Ugh. My cheeks were burning, and I buried my head in my hands until the bell rung, signaling the beginning of class.

As our teacher droned on about the F. Scott Fitzgerald, I zoned out into a fantasy world where Noah Bagley didn't exist and where I was not such an idiot. Unfortunately the world remained a fantasy and I was rudely reminded of that when a note landed on my desk.

I stared at it suspiciously for a while. After all, who would write me a note in class?

Finally, I started to open it and I slowly deciphered the chicken scratch.

Hey, are you going to the fall festival on Saturday

-Your knight in shining armor

"Of course!" I scoffed out loud, drawing the attention of my entire English class.

"Um that is to say that Zelda Fitzgerald was clearly insane from the get-go, right?"

My English teacher glared at me but kept on lecturing after my interruption.

"You jerk!" I whispered to the devil himself. "You almost got me in trouble!"

"Did I miss something? Were you not the person who yelled in class?"

I gave him my meanest look, then turned back to the note and scribbled:

Why? Are you asking me out?

I blame the rash anger for causing me to write such a bold and flirtatious response. I had a minor hyperventilation session as I casually dropped the note on his desk. He was reading it, smirking a little, and then he wrote back.

My heart was beating fast with anticipation as he passed the note back.

Does someone have a crush on me?

I blushed deep red and looked to the left, embarrassed.

Psh, of course not. I just thought that you would be going with all of your friends.

He raised his eyebrow at me.

Look, if you want to be invited to hang out with me and my friends all you had to do was ask…although I personally wouldn't mind some one on one time.

Was this guy for real? How could he actually like me?

I refused to respond, and spent the rest of the class ignoring him. When the bell finally rang I leapt out of my seat, pushing past everyone to escape.

Luckily I got a chance to grasp my sanity because my good friend Naomi was waiting by my locker.

"Hey girl! What's with the look on your face? You look like you're going to be sick."

I grimaced. "Okay, so what do you do if there is this guy you like. But you totally humiliate yourself every time you are around him." As I ranted Naomi was making weird facial expressions and pointing at me with ferocity. But I thought it was just her being strange as usual. "So then he goes and flirts with me in class, and I flirt back…but is he being serious, or is it just because he is incredibly attractive and does this all the time?" I finished. Naomi looked pained as she said, "Turn around…"

I turned around only to come face-to-face, well face to chest with Noah.

Holy crap. I'm screwed.

"Wait, you were standing there this whole time? Listening to everything I just said."

He nodded his head.

"Just let me die here today God. Please" I begged.

Noah was staring at her open mouthed. He blinked several times and then he turned and walked off.

"That went well considering…" Naomi trailed off.

"Oh, shut up." I said.

Needless to say I spent the rest of the day moping at home, sunken into a deep pit of depression.

When my mom called up the stairs that she and my dad were going on a date, I felt a little happier that I could go downstairs to sulk in front of the television.

Nothing could have prepared me for what happened an hour later, as I sat with a pint of ice cream watching a marathon of Disney classics (don't judge, okay?).

It started with the knock at the door.

First of all, my parents would not be back yet, so who could it possibly be visiting me at 8 o'clock on a school night?

It must be Naomi!

I sprung to my feet and leapt over to the door, opening it with a wide smile and screaming "ello guv'nr!"

It wasn't Naomi.

Noah stared down at me, amusement clear in his eyes.

"Um, hi."

I stared at him for approximately five seconds before slamming the door in his face.

Okay, I was officially hyperventilating.

It's okay. What is the worse that can happen?

I cringed thinking of the double rejection to follow before opening the door.

"Look, Sophie. I'm really sorry about how I reacted earlier…"

I cut in, not wanting to have to hear the hurtful words that were to come.

"It's okay. I understand that this is hard for you and all and kind of disturbing, since I like you and all. But it's okay. You don't have to tell me that you like someone else, or you don't return my feelings. It's not like I like you that much or anything. I'll get over you. Just please don't talk to me again." I turned around, getting ready to close the door, when suddenly I was grabbed from behind and slammed into the door frame.

"Um." That was my intelligent reaction.

He just laughed and then bent down for the ultimate moment.

His kisses were sweet and left me breathless. Finally he stepped back.

"I like you Sophie. I've liked you for a while and I think you're a really cool girl. Even if you talk too much and you're kind of a psycho."

We both laughed, until I realized what he had just said.
"Hey, I resent that. I'm not a psycho!"

Authors Note:

,I hope you guys liked that and I think I'll be writing more sometime soon...