In the darkness of a forest,
Where trees spread their dark shadows
Across the leaf covered paths,
There waits a miracle of magic.

Walking through this forest,
You might think you see bright lights
And dismiss them as fireflies,
Look a little closer.

See the delicate fairies,
Glowing like jewels in the sun,
Like sparks from a flame,
And whirling in the same way.

They dance in their multitudes,
Sparkling, shimmering, swirling,
Children of the stars,
Waltzing through the pine needles.

I give to you three characters,
Three fairies, each a different type,
All unique, all beautiful,
And all with their own story.

The first is Sylva,
She is delicate as glass,
Green glass, and shines in much the same way,
As she lights the wary shadows.

She spins joyfully amongst her friends,
And seems to know no sorrow,
A spirit of ecstasy indeed,
And she makes her presence known.

The second is Kai, a male.
He is blue as midnight clouds,
And watches the dancers solemnly,
Yet cannot stop his smile.

He seems to be grave and serious,
Yet beneath his stony countenance,
A gentle lover waits,
To make his influence felt.

And last, Rhea,
A sprite of blinding white,
Such as the white of a dove's breast,
She lights the night like a star.

Yet she dances alone,
Her light too much for any fairy,
And she will stay alone,
Yet feel none the worse for it.

They are the delicate fairies,
And they will dance, heedless,
Of our callous actions,
Our crude buildings, and so-called art.

In the darkness of a forest,
Where the black night spreads her cloak,
Where trees spread their dark shadow,
And iridescent beetles sleep,
Across the leaf covered paths,
Where a fiery heat warms the earthworms,
There waits a miracle of magic,
And it shall dance eternal.

Written for Kelabelle's Roadhouse Fantasy Challenge.