Sweet Sweet Lies?

I apologize..

I can't say I hate you,

But I can't say I like you either.

I love you and I can't stand it.

To tell the truth I hate it.

I hate I can't admit that I do other than in words.

I hate the I can know myself I do.

I hate that I want you as my own.

I hate that I need you as my life.

I hate everything you do to my heart.

Your the addictive drug I can't get rid of.

Your the ink that runs from my poetic pen.

Your the anger that burns me from the inside out.

Your the want that drives me on.

Your the love that I have to have.

I have to apologize...

I've lied to you my sweet.

I love you with all my heart,

But I wasn't lying when I said I hated it.

I apologize my Sweet for all my Sweet Sweet Lies.