"Are you Gillian Nearson?"

She twisted the last wire and looked up. She met the man's eyes evenly and said, "Yes. Can I help you?"

He gave her a polite smile and took a necklace out of his pocket. The silver chain and metal feathers glinted in the light.

She watched it as it swung a bit. "Who are you?"

He shrugged. "Someone who needs a necklace repaired."

Gillian sighed and held out her hand. "I'll see. What's wrong with it?"

"The clasp."

It was more than the clasp and they both knew it. She didn't know who he was and he probably wasn't going to tell her. But this kind of necklace with that quiet power about it was something different. Something only a few people could fix.

She ran a finger down each of the feathers and felt the necklace sigh contentedly. "You can pick it up in two days."

"Morning? The day after tomorrow?" he asked. She nodded and he left without asking her price for repairing it.