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"Alright, Eimear, let's get you ready!" I hear my mother say from the hallway outside my door. Sigh, I'm going to miss her waking me up every morning. And I'm going to miss my room, and living with the two devils I call brothers. Alroy came to my room last night when everyone was asleep and slept in my bed with me. His arms around me, hugging me all night. I didn't even realize he'd gotten up earlier and had left. It was nice, my big brother cared that I was leaving.

Orin burst into my room with flowers in his hand. I laughed quietly at how cute he was. He had a single tear running down his cheek as he came over to me, still in bed mind you, and gave me a big, fat, warm hug. I hugged him close to me, only thinking about one day he'll be too ashamed to hug me like this again, when it's his wedding day.

But it wasn't like I was never going to see my family again, it was just sad because I was the first child to leave the house and marry someone. I'd changed a lot in the past month since I'd last seen Deaglan. I'd stopped hating my parents. I knew they just wanted the best for me. And I'd come to terms with the fact that my brothers would always tease me, but that they did it out of love. Everyone in this house is going to feel just a little bit of sadness.

"Deidre will be by shortly to drop off a piece of her jewelry she wanted you to have for the wedding," my mother called through the door again. Ahh, the dreaded mother-in-law. In the past few weeks, she'd backed off a lot, which in toe caused me to cool down a bit. Things between us are ok now. Last time I saw her she didn't have Deaglan and was over to talk with my mother. She's actually a very kind and smart lady, you just have to get use to her behavior to see it.

"Mom, you know you can come in," I say happily. She slips in, her eyes trained on the floor.

"I just wanted to give you your privacy since, you know, you'll be a married woman after today," she starts crying at the mention of my wedding. It's not that she doesn't want me to get married, she's just sad about me leaving her, which I understand because I feel just as bad as her about it.

"Oh, it's ok Mom. You know I'll only be two blocks over. When you come and visit me you get to walk past the meadow with all of your favorite flowers. You always said you wanted to spend more time around there, well, now's a perfect opportunity. And I won't mind if you're ever late, I know you love the flowers," I say, hoping that she's cheer up at the mention of the meadow.

"Yes, that is true. But, but . . . my little girl is going to become a mother, like me. And so young! My parents were right to keep me until 15, this is just too hard. Let's just call it off and have you and Deaglan be engaged for a few more years. I know he'll understand," she babbles like a little child, not truly seeing the grown-up sense of why things are done.

"Oh Mom. Had you said that a month before I'd met him, I would have agreed. But now . . . . well, now I think I might love him. And I wouldn't be able to say no to having our wedding. But Mom, just remember that I'll always love you and that I'll always be your little girl, even if I have a little girl of my own. And by the way, we're not having kids this fast. If Deaglan wanted kids right away, he would have married someone else," I chuckle at my joke, remembering how he was the one to question having kids first.

"Alright," she says, wiping away an evidence of her weeping, "let's get you dressed. For heaven's sake! You're getting married in 5 hours, young lady. Look at your hair!" And here begins the torrent of my wedding day. Starting with a bath, then rubbing oils all over me, rubbing scents into my hair before my mother braided it traditionally for a wedding. Then came the powdering of powder and some berry wax for lip color and a small amount of charcoal around my eyes. And then, my dress. So beautifully made out of pure white silk fabric that must have cost my mother a fortune. She then embroidered Deaglan's and mine's family pattern onto it in a dark, forest green thread. And my little white slippers with green thread to match slipped onto my feet just before walking out to receive my jewelry from Deidre and saddling my horse.

"You, darling, look so beautiful in your wedding dress. I remember the day I married Deaglan's father like it was just yesterday. He was so handsome and young. He is, of course, still handsome, but now he's a man . . . " she jabbered on, probably thinking that I was nervous. And I was, but not about marrying her son, no, I was nervous about tripping while walking down the aisle in the church. Hopefully if I fell, Deaglan wouldn't see and I wouldn't fall flat on my face.

"Deidre, this gold necklace is very pretty. Thank you for letting me wear it today," I say, mostly to stop her rambling.

"Oh that's not just for today, you may have it, my daughter. Oh, I always wanted a daughter!" she squeals like a little girl and hugs me. I'm happy as I hug her back too.

We stop in front of the church and I get excited. Everything about my life is going to change because of this day.


"Alright everyone," says my father, "don't you remember when you're a small child at a wedding?" The crowd laughs at remembering how boring these things seemed to be when we were younger. "Well," my father starts up again, "I remember Eimear's first wedding. She was so bored that she came up to me saying, 'Daddy, I'm never going to get married because I don't want to force people to sit and be bored for me.' I thought it was the cutest thing in the world. And later, I hear from Deaglan's father about Deaglan also said he was never getting married. But of course, not for the good of the people, but because he didn't want to sit and be bored at his own wedding." Everyone laughs and gives us glances while whispering about how we are just perfect for each other.

Deaglan leans over to me, whispering, "Just to reassure you, I've never felt for one minute bored around you. Ever." And as he pulls away, he places a kiss on my cheek and everyone goes "Aww!" at the same time. His hand is holding mine while all of our friends go up and talk about us when we were young, or things we said about our future. A few times I laughed at how I constantly denied that I was ever going to get married, instead saying I was going to go hunt and live in the mountains with my bow and arrows. Deaglan's friends told about how he always talked about never making his wife work, and how they'd always be able to come over with their wives to see us. Deaglan constantly thought about his future life with his significant other while I only thought about the present and myself.

"You were quite the handful, I hear," he whispers in my ear. I laugh and nod, taking his hand in mine and play with his fingers, twisting the ring with our beautiful family pattern that I got him around on his ring finger, him laughing every once in a while whenever I blushed from the stories.

Our wedding presents are brought to us and we open each one together, with everyone watching. Our parents each gave us a few sets of clothing, linens, and towels that my mother made specifically for us. Other family members give us blankets they've made with our family pattern on it in different shades and colors. Friends of ours all got together and made us our first set of dishes and crafted silverware for us with, once again, our family pattern on them. Everything is beautiful and home-made, making them even more special. And then, in one of the last few boxes we have to open, Deaglan and I open the lid to see bunches and bunches of baby clothing, specially made for our future babies (if more than one). I pull a piece of clothing out and everyone laughs good heartedly while my grandmother stands up and says, "I just wanted you both to be prepared. Just in case." I set the box down and come over to her, giving her a kiss on the cheek and whispering my thank you to her, saying it was very thoughtful of her to make sure we were prepared.

"Thank you, everyone, for coming to help us celebrate our wedding day," Deaglan's voice booms from where he stands next to me. Everyone claps and laughs, happy and gay for the celebration.

"But now, I must ask our leave. I've finished building my wife her house and I'd like to take her to see it as soon as possible," he says. One of our guests shouts out, "Sure. You just want to show her." That gets a very loud laugh from everyone, except of course, Orin who sits there saying, "What's so funny? It's just a dumb house." Alroy leans over to him saying, "You'll get it on your wedding day," and Orin just wrinkles his nose out of frustration and continues eating.

I say good bye to everyone, making sure to give kisses and hugs to all of my family, which now also includes Deaglan's family. Deaglan sweeps me off my feet, just like he did the first night we met, and places me on his very large Clydesdale horse before hopping on himself. He takes the reins, with his arms around me, and we trot off down the dirt path to our house.


"Alright, my love, I'm tired of being made fun of my friends," Deaglan bursts into the house, his sword at his hip and a few cuts and bruises on his arm with his shield. He continues, "All of them have heard about how great of a hunter you are and how you bring home all of the meet we eat in this house. Roderick says his wife taught him her skill with her weapon and he taught her his. Now they share and are twice and talented. I say we do the same. Are you up for it my love?"

I come out of our bedroom laughing, saying, "Deaglan, you're always too eager to learn about things." He comes up behind me and wraps his right arm around my waist, saying, "You didn't say that on our wedding night last month." I fake gasp and he takes the opportunity of my silence to kiss me. He dances us happily around our house, every once in a while picking me up and spinning around. We laugh and kiss, happy to be together in our home.

"Well, you never answer my question, love," he says, calling me by my pet name.

"Actually, I was just thinking about learning to spar this morning when I woke up. I had a dream that we were sparring for fun and it seemed exciting. Alright, I'll teach you how to use my bow as long as you keep your promise and teach me how to spar," I say. He smiles and kisses me again before happily dancing around by himself. Most people don't see this happily excited little child version of Deaglan. He mostly comes off as mature and adult-like. Nothing like this wonderful child I can call my own.

And that gets me thinking about children. Lately I've been thinking a lot about children. Seeing them everywhere, visiting with Deaglan's older brother and his family, and even rarely thinking about how it would be if Deaglan and I had children at this age.

"What is that wonderful mind of yours' thinking about?" Deaglan asks when he sits back down next to me. I never keep anything from him, so I say, "I'm just thinking about what it would be like if we had children now." He smiles and rubs my arm soothingly.

"But my love, we are still children ourselves. And besides, we said we didn't have to have children right away. Of course, I want children too, but let's live for a while before settling down with children," he says. He's right, now is too soon. I love Deaglan and I don't want to have to care for another living person just yet.

"Alright. Now when is it exactly, will I have to teach you about my amazing skill?" I ask.

"Later. My crazy love for you has fogged my mind and I can't think clearly. What time is it? Oh yes, bed time. You and me, let's go," he says just before throwing him playfully over his shoulder and walking up the stairs to our room. I smile and accept my ride with grace. . . . well, as gracefully ans anyone can be while over another's shoulder.

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