Inspired by me practically failing my juggling test. I got an 88, but still. I (as of now) can only juggle two. And sadly, I do not have a juggling tutor.

Madison just has better luck than I do.


For the Love of Juggling

Every Tuesday and Thursday I took a juggling elective. Everyone told me it was the easiest ways to earn credits for College. So I figured, why not?

Stupidest choice that I have ever made.

Juggling is like learning to ride a bicycle. Apparently, when you learn, you can never forget. Well…I can ride a bicycle, but I can't for the life of me, juggle.

I've been taking this elective for the past month and a half, and I have learned absolutely nothing. And in two weeks, we have our first test. We are supposed to be able to juggle three balls and do at least one trick.

Me? I could barely even juggle one.

And instead of investing in some good, regular circus juggling balls, I just use my dad's old tennis balls. And they bounce around everywhere. There were ten minutes left in the class and the teacher still refuses to help me. I've just been playing in the corner for the past thirty minute, and I have gotten nowhere.

I almost got juggling two tennis balls down, so I made a quick decision. I picked up the fuzzy greenish- yellow ball from the floor and tried juggling three.

Taking a deep breath in, I threw one in the air, and then two. I caught one and threw the third one in the air. It almost collided with my hand, but somehow I missed. It almost happened in slow motion. The ball hit my foot- which didn't hurt, but my right foot lifted up as if it was. I caught the two other balls and held them in my hands. Slowly, I put my right foot down on the ground and watched the tennis ball bounce right out the door.

My first thought was- what idiot opened the door?

My second thought was- shit, I need that tennis ball to practice.

I ran towards the door when I heard my teacher call my name. "Madison? Where are you going?"

I felt a small blush cover my cheeks. I didn't want my teacher to know that I lost my tennis ball. That would just be embarrassing, we had all been practicing for over a month!

"I uh…bathroom."

He shook his head. I glanced to my right to find my ball bouncing further away from me.

"No Madison. You know the rules, there are only ten minutes left of the class."

I started jumping around. "Please? It's uh- it's an emergency."

A few kids came up to him- hoping to impress him with their juggling skills. He waved his hand towards me. "Make it snappy."

The minute he said that I ran towards my ball. By now, it turned a few corners. I ran down the hall, praying that nobody would yell at me for breaking the rules. I looked both ways once I got to the end of the hallway. My ball went towards the right. Its bouncing had slowed and it was just rolling down the hallway slowly.

I smiled as I found my ball. I was only a few feet away from the ball when I crashed into something. At first I thought- great, I ran into another wall.

But then I realized that this "wall" was soft and squishy. Neither one of us fell, but all three of my tennis balls were all on the floor bouncing around.

I quickly left the squishy wall's embrace and started chasing around the tennis balls. I caught the one that was rolling, but the other two were a little more difficult. I managed to catch one mid-air, which made me feel pretty darn cool, but I couldn't find the other one.

I turned around to find the squishy "wall" holding my other tennis ball. I closed my eyes tightly and scratched my scalp gently. I opened my eyes to find him smirking at me.

He was very good looking. Not the kind of guy that one would find on the football team, but he didn't seem like the kind of guy to isolate himself in the library either. He had soft eyes, they were simply brown, but nice nonetheless. He had some strong facial features. High cheekbones, but not girly, just masculine. And he looked like he had a pretty good body structure, I didn't really take the time to actually look, because that would have been quite awkward, but he seemed fit.

I tried to stop thinking because my thoughts were just getting all juggled- no pun intended- and I already looked like an idiot.

"I- uh, sorry. I'm not very coordinated."

He shook his head and started throwing the ball in his hands up and down in his palm. I was envious of how easy he made it look. "Are you taking juggling as an elective?"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, it's not exactly my best subject."

He let out a small laugh. "Can I try?"

I nodded my head and threw him the two other tennis balls. Not more than three seconds later, he was juggling all three of them in perfect rhythm. I'm sure that my mouth was open in complete and utter shock.

A few second later he caught the three tennis balls in his hands, without dropping anyone of them might I add, and smiled at me.

"Where did you learn to juggle like that?"

He shrugged his shoulders and handed them back to me. "I took the juggling elective last year. It was an easy 100."

I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, that's what everyone's been telling me."

He furrowed his eyebrows. "Do you not find it easy?"

I shook my head shyly. "Not at all."

He was about to say something but the bell rang. I looked at my watch. "Oh shit, I'm going to be late for my next class. It was nice talking to you!"

I turned around and waved back at him. I was just about to power walk back to my classroom when I felt a slight tug on my upper arm. "Um…if you wanted I could help you in uh…juggling?"

I gave him a slightly skeptical look. "What? Like a tutor?"

He bit his bottom lip gently. "Yeah, I guess. I mean, I wouldn't want you to flunk juggling."

I smiled. "Oh, uh. Sure!"

He stopped biting his lip and smiled. "So…do you want to meet outside of the school today? We could head to the park and practice there?"

I nodded my head as the hallways slowly started to fill with other students. "Okay. Thanks! I have to go now, but I'll see you then!"

He waved at me before turning around as well. I then made a quick dash back to my old classroom.


"What do you mean you can't hang out after school today?"

I shrugged my shoulders as I put my jacket on and started putting stuff back in my locker. "I made plans with someone else."

My best friend of all time, Mary, leaned on the locker next to mine, carrying one of her textbooks in her hand and her brown bag slung over her shoulder. "But who am I going to bike home with?"


She let out a dreamy sigh and leaned against her locker. "He has a car."

She stood up straight and suddenly realized something. "Oh my god. What if he sees me riding that hideous bike?"

I rolled my eyes and shut my locker. "He sees you riding that bike everyday."

She frowned and shuffled her feet around. A sad look took over her face. "No…he never recognizes me. But I'm sure that he'll see my riding my ugly bike alone today and think that I'm a loser."

I put my hands on her shoulders and forced her to look at me. "He does recognize you, and he doesn't think that you're a loser."

"But he will when he sees me riding my bike alone! Who are you hanging out with anyways? You got some hot date that you're hiding from me?"

I shook my head as I grabbed my book bag and started walking down the stairs slowly with Mary. "No…but this guy is tutoring me in juggling."

"I told you that you would never be able to juggle. But no you just can't listen to me, your best friend!"

My tone started to get defensive. "Everyone said it was an easy A!"

She rolled her eyes. "Yeah, whatever. Is this guy cute at least? What's his name? Do I know him?"

"He's cute. I mean, not insanely cute. But he's definitely attractive, and he's pretty sexy. I don't know his name, I've never seen him before."

"Maybe he's a new student?"

I let out a small chuckle. "There are over 2,000 kids in this school Mary. I'm sure there are a lot of hot guys that we don't know."

We got to the bottom floor and opened the front doors. I saw James glance our way. He fought a smile when he saw Mary and tried to focus on the conversation he was having with the other members of the baseball team. My two friends were living in one of the most annoying clichés possible, but I still found their situation cute and slightly comical.

I looked at the bike racks to find my new juggling tutor leaning on the side of his new-looking bike. I immediately smiled when I saw him and waved. He caught me smiling and waved back.

"Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god. That's him?"

Mary yanked my arm so that I would stop and face her. "Uh…yeah?"

She shook her head. "Madison! You're going to make an idiot of yourself."

"Hey, that's not fair."

She gave me a pointed look. "Madison, your brother's friend came over one day and you blushed whenever he walked into the room. Your brother is 13. You're not good around guys."

"I'm fine around James…and my brother…and my dad."

I shifted around awkwardly, I wasn't that nervous today in the hallway. I didn't really make that much of an idiot of myself.

"They don't count. Oh my god. Take your hair out of your ponytail. Quickly!"

I did as she said, not wanting to upset her. "Happy? Can I go now? I'm not going to make a complete fool out of myself."

"How are you so calm about this?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. He just…doesn't make me nervous."

"Are you not attracted to him?"

I looked over to my new tutor to find him giving me and my friend a weird look. "I am…but…can we talk about this later? He's going to think that I'm a freak before we even have a conversation."

She let out a sigh. "Okay. But you can always text me if you don't know what to say. And please, if you know you're going to say something stupid, don't say it."

I started walking away from her and towards our bikes. "Got it."

She smiled. "Good."

She unlocked her bike from the bike rack and threw her bag onto the attached basket. She smiled at him and then winked at me. I felt my cheeks start to blush because I knew that my tutor would have seen the wink as well.

I started to unlock my own bike as I saw that Mary took the longer route around the school so that she wouldn't have to bike in front of James.

I rolled my eyes and took my bike out. I rolled it towards my tutor and stopped in front of him. Although I told Mary otherwise, I was fighting butterflies. It was a bit odd because in the hallway there were no butterflies, but I now begged them to go away.

"Uh hi."

He smiled and we started walking next to each other, rolling our bikes along with us. "Hi. I'm sorry…I never got your name."

"Oh, it's Madison. You?"


I nodded my head slightly. The name didn't really fit him, but I wasn't exactly one to judge. Whenever I thought of Brads, I always thought of jocks and underwear models. Not saying that this Brad wasn't good looking, he just simply didn't look like a jock or underwear model.

Once we got to the road we both got on our bikes. "Is the park okay?"

I nodded my head and followed him on the bike path that lead into the park. Luckily, the park was close to the school and there wasn't much traffic. This was good for a lot of reasons.

One, so that I didn't fall and break my neck. That would be bad and I don't think that Brad would be too happy to spend his afternoon taking me to the emergency room.

Two, so that I didn't bike hard enough to work up a sweat. Having a bad body odor would definitely not go well.

We parked our bikes on the outskirts of the park and walked inside. There was a little area that wasn't covered with people. During the weekdays, the park wasn't too crowded because people were at work and students were at school or going straight home to do their homework.

"Okay, so lets see what you have so far."

I groaned, this was the part that I definitely was not looking forward too. "Okay. I'm sorry if I hit you or something. I'm really not very good at all."

I started throwing the tennis balls in the air, but they fell out of my reach. Luckily, Brad caught them before they could pose any real damage. "I'm so sorry! I told you, I'm horrible at this."

He let out a small chuckle and threw only two back at me. "It's alright. That's why I'm here right? Lets start small. Why don't you try two first and we'll work our way up?"

I nodded my head and started juggling two.


We spent over an hour at the park on the first day, I managed to get two down really well, but three still posed a threat. I had a juggling test next Friday, and two just wouldn't do.

Brad offered to help me out over the weekend, which he did. I was almost able to get three down, but I was still struggling.

Whenever I saw him in the hallways, I would always smile and wave. He would wave back. We didn't have the same lunch period, which was a shame because Mary really wanted to meet him.

Three days before the test we decided to meet everyday. And I actually got a lot better. I even got a few tricks down.

But Friday did eventually come around, which left me wondering what would happen to Brad and I. We didn't really do anything besides juggle. We did have a lot of conversations that were not juggling-related, but what did that mean?

I decided not to think about it, instead I went into my juggling test feeling more than confident.

I nailed the three juggling balls, it was the tricks that I was still iffy with. Brad said that I was golden, but I wasn't sure that I believed him. He really could have just been lying to me, you never know.

I did the best I could and waited patiently for my grade.

My teacher gave me a very strange look when I was done. "I'm surprised Madison."


A wide smile appeared on his face. "Yes, quite pleasantly. 98."

My eyes widened as I started jumping up and down (which was unlike me, but I was just too happy!).

I waited patiently the rest of the day. I didn't see Brad in any of the hallways, but that was alright. I knew that he was at school today because he promised me that we would celebrate.

The day went by, and Mary found it very odd that I was so happy.

"Would you slap that ridiculous smile off your face?"

"A 98 Mary! Two weeks ago I would have barely gotten a 65. But a 98!"

She rolled her eyes and continued her conversation with James.

A few periods later and the final bell rang. I rushed to her locker and practically dragged Mary downstairs.

I let go of Mary and ran towards the bike rack when I saw Brad waiting patiently for her.


I wrapped my arms around him, causing him to almost fall down. "98!"

He pulled back to look at me. "That's great. See? I told you."

I nodded my head. "I know. I was kind of nervous at first. I mean, I knew that I had three down. The tricks were tricky, no pun intended. But I almost thought that I wouldn't be able to do three. I wasn't perfect but that's alright because I did so well. Oh, you should have seen the look on his face. He was so sur-"

My ranting was cut off when I felt Brad's lips on mine.

At first I was shocked. And I'm pretty sure that he got that too, because he pulled back not more than five seconds later.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I really- shit. Wow, I can't believe I'm saying this in the school parking lot. I like you, a lot. And I-"

I cut him off and kissed him back. This time he responded to me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

A few seconds later I heard Mary behind me. "Aw, young love. How sweet."

I tried to step away from Brad, but he wouldn't let me. I was worried that people were staring at us, but I soon allayed that thought and wrapped my arms tighter around Brad's neck. was pretty darn cheesy, but I was in the mood for cheesy.

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Thanks for readings. Any thoughts? Comments?

- Morine

P.S- Juggling- not as easy as it looks.