The New Kid

Stepped upon an unknown ground,
The loved one became alone,
Emotions that weighs me down,
yet I find no remedy for them.

The questions that races through me,
fear that pounds against my head,
Will I survive this tormenting life,
Can I make it through this rain?

Dreaming of the warm embrace,
hoping for the comfort at home,
yet with these blind desires held in me,
the sorrow and loneliness is enhanced.

The freedom of words and movement,
now restricted to dorm and class,
looks of despise all around,
only comments of disgust fills the air.

The endless fear grips my heart,
the daily dread that comes my way,
the corner which was once empty,
is now inhabited by me, the new kid.

The tears that were once for joy,
has now became that of despair and pain,
I'm the only self-consumer of my vain,
Why am I resigned to such fate?