boy this isn't katy perry this is
real life and in the end we won't get
married but you're hot and cold and
it's giving me a headache

my stomach isn't sick with wings it's
sick with other things like the food i
ate last night and the idea that this could
all go wrong

sighed heavily as you thought of the way things
could have been as you dreamed of shooting
stars and monsters hiding underneath your bed

and i wondered if i was just another
monster for you to deal with or if
i was something more than just one of the
shadows the sun makes when it gets

though i know you wouldn't leave
me behind i also don't know where
we'll go and i don't want to lose what
we've got 'cause it's so rare to find
something real

don't want to be sick at a time like
this but i think it's inevitable

i've just got to let go