it is impossible to look into a house
when you are living inside it

you would think you could, wouldn't you?
that with living in it so long, that you knew all.

it is impossible to avoid the glacier
when it's majority is hidden

the ninety percent that you can't see
the white of your eyes, the bottom of your nose
how can you begin to think you know?

you can't judge a house till you've seen it all
and with your ten percent,
you think you can see your soul
silly thing, no one knows!

the only ones with the answers use big machines,
those doctors are always trying to see what it means,
but they dont know it all, though they say that they do
but you won't believe them, trust me, i know you.

you can judge all you wish,
just know that you're blind
the things you can't see,
you make up in your mind

but you can't know a book that you've never read
you can't know the house if you haven't seen it all

so be kind to your soul, for you never know.
you just can't see it all yet.