Where will the sun shine his life tonight,

And where will the moon give off her light?

Where do the roses bloom with tender love,

And where will affections be peaceful as the dove?

Standing here at this mountain, as the sun sets,

And I see that I am alone, losing the bet,

That I will survive and hope I will win,

But no, I have lost this game, my heart, my love, and my kin,

All is gone among the cold wind.

My breaking heart becomes the song,

Of this lonely mountain, so sad and long,

But I cannot help the pain that I feel,

I wish I could say that it is not real,

But no, I sill crack and slip among the water,

And I am nothing but a lost daughter.

My tears become the crying rivers of the miserable souls,

I am nothing but a reflection of failing duels.

Take my heart, please, and set it among the sky,

And for once, please, let me fly,

Just among the birds.

For I am just a lonely girl with no past,

Nor a healthy heart that destined to last.

My creaking whispers are poor and dead

And now as my story is coming to an end,

I will have said that is to be said.

Don't forget my small, tiny voice, please.