My friend had a pen thrown at her. The attacker told his friends it was because, "She is a fucking Jew and I fucking hate her." And I say fuck that.

This Is The Way The World Ends

I, too, America

In the melting pot a few
Sticky pieces fall and burn
And few ignorant pieces
Want to look on and learn

Stirred together, uncomfortable
With new spices, we forget
When we took the plunge
How bad things can get

When we are new and alien
When we were everyone's joke
When their words became nooses
Wrapped around us as we choked

But then we became they
And the wooden spoon stirs
Uncomfortable proximity with others
Alienation and hatred returns

I, too, America sang lies
Let me look upon light no more
I, too, am a problem, and alien
Let us forget what was before

Give me your huddled masses,
Of prejudice and ignorance
Stop enjoying this false bliss
and come to realize this.

Sticks, stones, and sharp swords
Hurt less than words from unruly pen
So what is it that you gain
When you continue to offend?

We may not each be,
Invisible, or easily categorized,
Or pieces of some recipe
But we can each be demoralized

This is the way the world ends
When we, too, America, whimper
Say nothing, and let all the hatred
Fire under the pot and simmer.