Happily Never After Endings.

The only thing every girl in the world wants is for that prince to come and sweep her off her feet, for him to carry her to a far off land where
they will live happily ever after, forever. But we all know it won't happen. Collection of different sad love stories.

The White Castle.

the only thing every girl in the world wants is
for that prince to come and sweep her off her
feet, for him to carry her to a far off land where
they will live happily ever after, forever. but
most girls know that this will never happen
and they lose hope in their dreams and give
up right away. these girls will never find that
prince because they have already given up.
they are afraid that if they do find him, then
their heart will break like it has in the past.
sadly, i am one of these girls. one of the girls
that used to believe in fairy tale endings and
that believed that my prince would eventually
come. but now i know that it was all just a
hopeless dream, a hopeless dream that every
girl in the world has. and a hopeless dream
that will never come true. but maybe it will
i still hope it does. i guess still believe

In all the fairy tales you read or watch. Have you ever noticed how the prince and the princess always live happily ever after? Have you ever noticed that a fairy tale starts sad? Have you ever noticed that there is always a villian in a fairy tale? Well if you did not know, you do now. But we all know that their all a bunch of lies. I mean fairy tales were only told to make people believe in themself and in others. One thing these authors did wrong on writing fairy tales, was not telling the truth on what reality was really like. They show us our dreams of what we wish would happen. They made us believe in the wrong things.

For example: My fairy tale did not end happy at all. It actually turned out, sad.

My name is Princess Wilhelmina Leila Talullah. And as you can guess just by my name, I am indeed a princess, and I am of course next in line for the throne. But enough about that, the story isn't even about me its about him.

Prince Phillip Casimir Louis.

Even now his name still sends a shiver down my throat. It's actually funny how he got his name too. His mother named him Phillip because of Sleeping Beauty's paramour. She was in love with the story so much, she thought it suited him perfect. We met each other when we both arrived at the ball, both being 13 at the time. He was wearing a white tux, while I wore a white dress. We suited each other perfectly. His parents and mine, were having a deep conversation. So he asked me to dance. I agreed with him, to dance, because his beautiful emerald eyes begged me.

We danced for hours. Until it was time to go back to our white castle. I thought I would never see him again, that was until him and his family the week after, turned up for a royal dinner. Once we ate, we both wondered off into the white gardens outside. He told me more about himself, and I told him more about me. We both got to know each other allot better.

Again after that night, his parent's came over more often. It started off as a monthly visit to our white castle, but then they came more regulary and started coming every week, then that turned into every day. I couldn't of been happier though because me and Phillip had become close.

As the years went on, me and Phillip, knew everything about each other. We were two peas in a pod. It was after 5 years of getting to know him, that I knew I had fallen in love with him. So on my 18th birthday I decided to do something about it. We were in the white gardens again, dancing to the melody of of the violin playing in the background. I ignored everyone else around me, who were also dancing, just concentrating on the beautiful boy that stood in front of me.

Once it came to the end of the song, I decided it was now or never. So I went for it. I slowly tip toped on my feet, and was just about to reach his lips, when I felt him turn his head slightly. Looking up at him, I noticed his expression change from happy to frustrated. He told me, to never try to kiss him again. I asked him why? He told me simply why?

He didn't think of me more then a friend.

From that day on, I did not talk to him, or be around him. In the end his family moved away, and it seemed to get alot easier for me to deal with.

And even though, the fairytale never ending happy. It sure learnt me a lesson. And that was to always shield my heart. And never to believe in your dreams. Because in reality, your dreams never come true. You're living in a fantasy.

A/N -Okay! So I was bored of reading the same old stories over and over again on fiction press. Because most of them end up happy, so for once I decided to write sad love stories. I'm a sad cow I know. But truthfully I love fairy tales, but I wanted a change. Next story shall be different, each one is set in different times and different places. I'm kind of having fun with this. Oh and I know there's probably grammar mistakes but overall I don't care much, because there only draft stories. Basically stories I write when I'm in the mood to write and very bored.