I have not currently finished writing the back story to this story, so I'll give you the basic plot points. Just in case you were wondering, this was written in a Build Your Own Story format, so that is why the entire story is written from a girl's point of view.


Will Raskin:

Will is a British teenager. He has blond hair, and eyes that change color depending on the light. He is powerfully built, and is in great physical shape. His mind is also extremely sharp. He can remember just about anything, and create plans in the heat of the moment. He has been an agent of the agency for more than two years. He is somewhat secretive, and very protective of others, especially his teammates. He has had many previous injuries, such as being shot, poisoned, etc. He was the first agent you ever met, and you may be smitten with him.


Calvin is the techno-wiz kid. He can take apart any computer, hack any system, and track any virus. He is more than six feet tall, and has a mop of brilliantly red hair. He is also protective, especially of you. The two of you have been "going out" for almost eight months now. If he is quick with computers, he is a little slower on other aspects. He is sweet, kind, and would help anyone if he could.

Reagan Walsh:

Reagan is the daughter of Mr. Walsh, the director of the agency. She has beautiful brown hair and kind hazel eyes. She was raised in the agency and is very knowledgeable when it comes to how it is run. She is sharp-tongued and quick-witted, ready for anything at any time.

Mr. Walsh:

Mr. Walsh is the head of the agency and also Reagan's father. He can be kind and caring, but also is a bit of a drill sergeant. He only tells people the basics, never letting them in on details which he deems "unnecessary." He also personally oversees Item 412, where the young agents work.

The Commander:

The Commander has never been seen by our four agents. All they know about him is that he runs CHAOS, a group so powerful and dangerous that the government can't do anything to stop them. He also ordered some of his agents to cause the Raskins (Will and his parents) to suffer a car crash.

Philip Raskin:

Philip is the father of Will. He was an extremely intelligent professor, working and inventing things to help all of mankind. He is now in a wheelchair and unable to speak, due to the injuries caused by the car crash.

Past Missions:

The first "mission" that you have been involved in was a training mission for Calvin, where we first met the organization of CHAOS. In an abandoned hotel, you, along with Reagan and Calvin, discover a secret that leads up to Will being shot. After you and the other two agents deal with the threat from CHAOS, you approach Mr. Walsh about a job. He offers you one, and you take it without question. After a grueling six months in training, you are sent on your first "mission" to investigate some robberies and break-ins at local stores. The mission is actually a set-up, a mock mission to see how you'll react. The training exercise goes horribly wrong, however, when one of the agents sent to help turns traitor. He ends up working for CHAOS, and again, with help, you neutralize the threat. After this painful lesson, Mr. Walsh tells you, Reagan, Will and Calvin that you will be taken off of active duty for four weeks and assigned to desk jobs. This is where our story picks up.