Hi readers. So, this is a poem I wrote during school (so maybe I WASN'T paying attention in math class). It's kind of sappy, in a mushy love kind of way. It's meant to be a poem written by the main character of my novel, Hearts of Three, which I would appreciate if you'd check out. :]

So, yup, hope you like it. I'm not that great in coming up with names for my poems, so if you guys have anything better than "Take Me Back", then I would be very open to suggestions.

Take Me Back

For the sake of knowing something,

I'll ask you where you started.

I'll ask you for your worn-out hands,

and where you think we parted.

Take me back to the shy, small gestures

and the figment of imagination,

those silly, small haikus

that led to our creation.

Take me back to the land of bliss,

to raucous wishes and that sloppy kiss,

and sweet dreams and honey love,

and flying worlds like magic doves.

Take me back to the long, lonely night,

my lucky, tall, and handsome knight,

when I shook with the fear and held you tight

under the luminous, circular light.

I lived when I met you.

You helped me fly.

And your rain fell faster than lightning

as you stood there watching me cry.

For the sake of my sanity,

please come with me and stay.

You're the blood bubbling in my vein,

the light in the pouring rain,

the carriers in the dark,

the only one holding my heart.