Hey everyone! This is another new story of mine, and I'm excited to let you see it. Okay, first of all, let me give you a disclaimer. This is my take on The Breakfast Club, and what happens next and all that sort of things with characters I created. Some characters are similar to those in the movie, which I get and understand. I started this in May, just for fun, and only wrote the entire detention scene. After the news broke of John Hughes' untimelypassing, I decided to continue this story and give it a Monday afterwards and explore a relationship that might take place between two kids that were from very different backgrounds. This story is different from my other stories because 1) it takes place in high school and the main characters are roughly the same age and 2) it's somewhat slow. If anything I have just told you bothers you, I will not get offended if you don't read it. It's okay. I will get offended if you flame me saying that this is like The Breakfast Club or this story is too slow. I explained that so you should expect that. However, I do hope you give it a chance if you're interested, and, as always, reviews are encouraged and appreciated. Have a wonderful Monday, and thanks for your consideration!

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This story is dedicated to the wonderfully talented John Hughes who has sparked numerous inspirations for me personally, and I'm sure, to everyone who has encountered at least one of his movies. Thanks for everything, and I hope you rest in peace.

Chapter 1

"I shook your hand and you pulled it right away."

Saturday, October 3


Sadie Brown's head rested on the cool window glass of her mother's black Pathfinder, her bright forest green eyes glancing out the window and a slight frown on her full lips. She had never gotten a detention in her entire academic career. She blinked slowly, not quite believing that something like this had actually happen to her. Sure, she could understand if she had ditched class or decided to cheat on an exam or something delinquent, but she didn't do any of that. In fact, Sadie was a good student. Sure, she wasn't quite good with any form of physical science, which was why she was taking Marine Biology, which seemed like the easiest at the time, but even then, she only had a B- and she was working her ass off to maintain just that. A sigh slipped through her nose as she watched the familiar scenery of the suburbs pass her by: pockets of neighborhoods with houses that looked exactly the same, trees and parks, and an assortment of different shopping centers. Sadie loved the suburbs, but sometimes, the fact that everything looked alike bothered her. It was this reason that Sadie decided that she wanted to live in a house by the sea. At least the sea was constantly changing and she could watch the sunset every evening.

"We're here." Though her mother knew the reason for Sadie's detention, she wasn't happy that her daughter was still required to be here. In fact, they were supposed to be celebrating her brother's something or other; Sadie could never remember. There were too many things her brother accomplished to keep track of everything.

Sadie glanced at her mother as she slipped the long strap of her bag over her shoulder. Ellen would not look at her, her blue eyes focused at the parking lot before. Her fiery red hair was short, barely grazing her shoulders, and was incredibly curly. Matching freckles were scattered across her pale skin, much like Sadie's except Sadie's freckles were only found on the tops of her cheeks and the bridge of her nose, blending in with her peachy skin tone. When Ellen's jaw popped, Sadie pushed her brow up and glanced down at her lap, knowing she would get no form of reassurance right now.

"Tell Harry I'm sorry I couldn't be there," she told her mother demurely as she opened the car door.

Ellen turned to look at her daughter, her lips pressed into a thin line. She didn't want to lose her temper and make a scene, especially seeing a few cars pulling up as well. "You should be there yourself," she finally told her daughter before turning and staring back straight ahead of her.

Sadie opened her mouth to defend herself, but closed it, knowing that no matter what she said wouldn't deter her mother from Ellen's current point of view. Instead, she shook her head once, and quietly reminded her that she would be out at four o'clock. With that, she shut the door and paused, watching her mother drive off. When she couldn't see the black SUV anymore, she pursed her lips and turned around, staring up at her high school entrance.

University High School was located in a suburb of Southern California. The reason it was called University (or Uni, as the kids have dubbed it) was due to the fact that it was adjacent to a UC school. It was the top ranking public school in all of California, challenging their students more than any other high school, arguably. Due to Southern California's temperate weather, it was an outdoor school. She walked through the narrow entrance way, glancing at the large gymnasium to her left and the cafeteria to her right. Detention was going to take place in the library, rather than a random classroom, due to a theft that happened last weekend. Apparently, some kid swiped a few things from a classroom, and to ensure that wouldn't happen again, it was located in the ridiculously large library. Sadie stopped in front of the doors, arching a brow as she looked at where she would be for the next nine hours of her life.

University High School's library was probably one of the best high school libraries ever. A few years ago, when Sadie was just a freshman, a generous donor had given University a large sum of money. Many people on the board narrowed down where the money would be spent to two options: a football field, which would get rid of having to share one with the other three high schools in the district, or a large, highly-stocked, refurnished, and technologically advanced library. Sadie was all for the football field, as were many of her fellow colleagues. As it turned out, the educational board wasn't. So while University's academic challenges were growing, their athletics were waning a bit.

Taking another deep breath, Sadie reached for the door and opened it. She walked through the detectors as her eyes glanced around the lighted room. She wasn't quite sure why she was nervous, but she knew that it probably had to do with the fact that she had no idea who else would be joining her today. It would definitely be easier if there was someone she knew and got along with. A thought suddenly occurred to her. What if she was alone for the whole nine hours? Which would be worse; being alone or being in a room with people she didn't know? She couldn't quite say, but at this moment, she was all by herself. Sadie glanced at the rows of seats; they reminded her of the lab tables in the various science rooms, except with old fashioned wooden chairs instead of stools. She decided taking a seat in the third row center on the left side of the room. This way, she wouldn't be too far in front or in the back. It was a strategy she used whenever she was supposed to find a seat in a new class and there was no assigned seating.

Sadie set her bag down by her feet and placed her hands on the desk, interlocking her fingers together. Her eyes managed to find the large wall clock hanging in the front of the room, behind the librarian's check-out desk. 6:52am. God, she felt like such a loser. Did she need to get here this early?

At that moment, a short, scrawny boy with short, strawberry blonde hair and pale skin walked through. Immediately, Sadie could sense an awkwardness about him as he nervously shifted his paper-bagged lunch between his hands. He was wearing a dark blue sweater, beige pants that were too short and revealed long, white tube socks. On his feet, he wore a pair of rusty old sneakers. When his blue eyes caught Sadie's, he nodded at her, and she offered him a tiny smile. He took a seat on the same side as she had, but in the front row, and one seat over. Sadie gently placed her head in her palm and watched as the boy placed his bag of lunch on the surface of the dark table before changing his mind and setting it underneath the table. She recognized him; she couldn't remember his name, but he had been in her Algebra 2 class last year, and was a grade underneath her. He was also ridiculously smart.

Another student walked in now. Sadie immediately knew who she was. Roxy Carlson was a fantastic singer, and was usually the star of all of the high school plays. It didn't matter that she was slightly overweight; she was just incredibly talented. Not even Erin Eskew, Roxy's stage rival, and her multiple generous donations to University's theatre department could deter the theatre director, Mr. Trevino, from casting Erin over Roxy. She had long, curly jet-black hair that was currently pulled into a high ponytail. She had an attractive shade of pale skin that clashed beautifully with her coal eyes. She was wearing a low-cut plain black dress that was maybe too small for her frame, and black boots that reached her knees, just where the hemline of the dress stopped. Sadie had to refrain from rolling her eyes. The biggest problem with Roxy was that even though she was arguably the most talented kid that went to Uni, she also had the biggest ego. She wasn't one of the 'it' girls but she acted like she was. It was annoying.

Sadie watched with mild interest as Roxy took a seat in the second row on the opposite side of the room, claiming the last seat in the row. Her eyes flickered back over to the clock. 6:54am.

Another kid followed the junior in, and this time, Sadie blatantly let out a sigh before shifting her head into her other hand. Paulina Sherman was the most popular, and as a result, the bitchiest girl at University. She had what every other Southern California girl sported; straight, fake, bleached-blonde hair that went a couple of inches past her shoulders, big blue eyes, and Daddy's credit card. With an amazing body and a dazzling smile, Paulina could easily get whatever she wanted and usually did. She was notorious for dating college boys, and when she actually chose to date another senior in high school, everybody knew about it. It was actually really annoying. She was in every club possible (excluding, of course, the academic clubs) and on student council. She was actually pretty smart; not as smart as the only boy currently in detention, but smart enough to maintain a B average.

Paulina forced a smile at Roxy, who returned the favor, and she took the seat one chair over from Roxy so she was in the center on the room. She let out a mild breath, placing her large, Louis Vitton bag in front of her. She was wearing one of those hooded jackets that cut off in the middle of her stomach, with a silver shirt layered underneath and the shortest miniskirt Sadie had ever seen. She scrunched her nose, her eyes studying Paulina's tan legs, and realized with a contemptuous huff that if anyone could pull of the shortest miniskirt ever, it would definitely be Paulina. She had the best legs at University, and everyone knew it. Stereotypically, Paulina was also a cheerleader, though it should be noted that she was not the captain.

Just as soon as Paulina sat down, a face Sadie actually socialized with somewhat walked in. Edward O'Reily was on the boy's varsity soccer team and had the most charming smile Sadie had ever encountered. He had dirty blonde hair that was tousled messily around so random spikes littered his head. With cool, blue eyes and a dimple in his cheek, Edward was definitely one of the most sought-after guys at University. He was wearing a loose t-shirt underneath a Letterman jacket and jeans that fit him just right. On his feet sat a pair of somewhat new (and expensive) Nike sneakers. Without even seeing her face, Sadie knew Paulina had batted her eyelashes at him because Edward had smiled politely at her. When his eyes saw Sadie, however, they lit up, and he walked over to her. Because she was on the girl's varsity soccer team, they would occasionally practice together. While the two didn't necessarily speak much to each other, it was good to be acquainted with someone.

"Hey," Edward said, flashing a smile at Sadie as he sat down next to her, and plopped his gym bag underneath the table. He left one seat between them unoccupied, so they both had a comfortable amount of space between them.

"Hey," she replied in a voice just above a whisper. Her eyes flitted back over to the clock. 6:59am. It was going to be a long day…

At that moment, another guy Sadie didn't recognize walked in. He had shaggy, brown hair that fell into his face. However, because his hair was parted in the center, the middle of his forehead was unoccupied. He had a slim face that carried a natural tan, and surprisingly warm, brown eyes. He was wearing a worn, brown leather jacket, a large, red plaid shirt with a long white-sleeved shirt underneath. He had on grey Dickies pants and dark combat boots. Everything about him looked used, as though he had had these articles of clothing for a while, and wore them quite consistently. From where she was sitting, Sadie noticed a plain, silver earring in his left ear. He stopped at the beginning of the aisle and began to stare intently at each and every person currently occupying the library. Sadie watched the reactions of everyone; Paulina and Roxy had similar reactions of making a sound of disgust and flipping their hair carelessly over their shoulders, as though they couldn't be bothered with the likes of him; the junior boy up in the front looked away, almost nervously, and then rested his head down on his forearms; Edward rolled his eyes and crossed his arms over his chest; and Sadie just stared back at him, arching a brow. He looked at her the longest, probably because she looked back at him. He continued to stare her down, almost daring her to look away. For whatever reason, Sadie calmly held his gaze.

"Sit down, Asher," a firm, low voice said from behind the boy, and actually pushed him forward. Paulina and Roxy giggled at this, while Edward chuckled. The junior boy's posture immediately straightened upon seeing some sort of authority figure while Sadie merely watched the interaction with a quizzical brow. Were faculty allowed to push students? Asher regained his composure and walked down the aisle. As he passed Sadie, she could smell cigarettes and Christmas trees on him. A loud screech told everyone that he was sitting just behind her.