Drinking from the Cup

The cup was set before me

And I was asked to drink from it

The liquid, so sweet, slid down my throat

Filled with happiness, joy, and love

My heart bursting with light itself

When the server brought another

The glass I pressed eagerly to my lips

Expecting that sweet, warming taste

Instead I nearly gagged and spat

The server merely shook his head

I was to finish this cup

Of bitterness, despair, and hate

I choked it down and shuddered

A third glass I'm forced to take

Trembling hands lift it high

Swallowing the liquid down

A satisfying heated cup

Of desire, passion, and hope

Enjoying the feelings found there

The fourth cup was set before me

The fluid a dark, starless night

I drained the cup and clutched my chest

Darkness and death now inside me

Losing my breath in the icy chill

Tears sliding silently down my face

A final cup to drink from

The server looks at me

This is one that I must also finish

Blood red liquid scorching my throat

Yet freezing at the same time

I fall to the ground writhing in pain

As all emotion in me fills

As pain wracks my body and soul

I look up at the nameless one

The server asks

"Did you not know this was your cup

To drink down to the last?

It is your burden and gift."

My eyes downturn for but a moment

And then like that he's gone

I'm left with this cup to drink

One I cannot share or pass

For it is mine for all time

A cross that I must bear