War is Wrong, as is Diplomacy:

I point a gun to your head...
What do you do?
I don't want to kill you,
But what will you do?

If I point a gun to your head,
And you fight for your life,
That's in opposition to me.

You're for peace you say?
You're still startin' fights.

If I point a gun to your head,
And you ask for diplomacy,
Though you be kind,
You still oppose me.

So diplomacy starts fights?
You better believe it.
But do you know what prevents fights?
It's simple really;

I point a gun to your head.
I do not intend to kill you,
And you have no opposition to the gun.
You're indifferent,
I'm indifferent,
And I lower my gun,
And you do the same.

True peace

The only problem is
Is that it's in human nature to oppose,
And even if we're fighting for freedom and the end of war,
We're still fighting right?

So sad,
Too bad,
I don't think this philosophy
Will carry very far at all.