Jina Langu Ni Ibrahim

October 16, 2009

You are so black

I misplace you in the dark

But your teeth are a lighthouse

They twirl and shine for me

You pale my fair skin

And my even fairer heart

You are so pure

Teach me words in the dirt

I read the skinny red lines

Your fingers turn blood red as well

New words bounce off of my skirt

Zambarau, Machungwa, Kijani

These barriers are crumbling

Sadly time will crumble faster

I rub your head in hello

I love the feel of your spongy curls

They are blacker than your skin

But can't compare with your eyes

They speak the same language as mine

Though they blink to separate beats

Tutaonana—Goodbye—It stings

It doesn't take English to know that

I promised I would remember your name

Jina lako nani?

Jina langu ni…