Live Free Or…

October 19, 2009

Confetti falls in flurries around me

Dropping like flies in the dead of winter

It's getting colder every second here

You are not here to wrap your warm smile

Around my world as it continually grows larger

Every day I see that it isn't so small after all

I shake ice shavings out of my tangled bob

My red nose could guide your way back here

The land here is meek; it lays flat on its stomach

It is too afraid of falling, it wouldn't dare reach for

Clouds that the snow dives from and splashes

Into your hair, into the warmth of your thoughts

The nature over there is fearless and strong

The leaves are beautiful because they let go

The trees sing for love to give themselves warmth

The mountains boast their way above the sky

You are painted into the landscape to make it all shine