The stone walls were tall and the same color as the iron chain that hung around Snow White's neck. But this isn't the Snow White you all know from the Brothers Grimm stories. The sun was warm on her face, twisted and dilapidated since birth, as she stood in rags outside of the castle hidden deep within the forest. Her eyes were as scarlet as blood, her skin as pale as her name, but she was no vampire. One eye lay half an inch below the other; her lips were chafed and split. Coarse black hairs grew from her chin and the same hairs grew underneath her arms in an unmanageable tangle. Most of the time, Snow White kept the hair in loose braids. To most, she was a horrid beast few would care to gaze upon, but in this tale, beauty is overrated and to the Nobles of the land, the uglier your slaves were, the wealthier you were.

And all in the land knew of the Queen's power and wealth. Many envied her. More feared her. As Snow White lay upon the stones of the castle, cleaning the black stones until their shone her horrid reflection back at her; the Queen would stand naked in front of her floor length mirror. Her skin was pale with splotches of dark skin dancing on her skin very much like the Dalmatian dogs that watched her from their beds. As well as the dark splotches, she had patches of white, flakey scales that fell from her body every time her long, yellow nails scratched them. Most of the patches were filled with pus and each time she scratched a spot, it would ooze white liquid from the patch. Her toes were yellow and chipped, the skin in between each toe filled overflowed with the stench of rotting bacteria and fungi that grew between each fat digit, which was very much like each of her seven fingers on her right hand, and the normal five on her left. Her hair was a mix of black and silver that fell to the arch of her scarred back. The stains of beef grease and beer slicked the hair back out of her face. One of her over-sized eyes was green while the other was blue, the only thing beautiful about her that she wished to change, but was unable in fear of losing her eyesight. Very much like Snow White, her lips were over-sized and split. Two large scars extended from her lips to her temples. And she was proud of her looks. All except her eyes.

So she would stand in front of her floor length mirror, her beautiful eyes glaring blatantly back through the glass and she would speak, her voice edgy and raspy:

Mirror, Mirror, on that stone wall,

In all the land of which you see,

Is there anyone uglier than me?

And the face, shaped as a green mask with eyes shrouded by darkness, would appear in the mirror with a smile. The Queen could feel the invisible eyes tracing every infected patch of her body and relished in the feeling. In response, the mirror would laugh, which echoed all the way down to Snow White still cleaning far below, and answer the same line.

Oh Dearest Queen,

Just like in the making of the Cat Heart brew,

No one can ever be uglier than you.

And this would satisfy her, for she knew mirrors could never lie. So she would gather her scarlet robe and drape it over her knobby shoulders and watch as her slave girl would clean far below her, her beautiful eyes jealous of the girl who had eyes uglier than hers.

On the eve of Snow White's eighteenth birthday, the Queen did as she normally did, hunch over and naked, standing in front of the floor length mirror smeared with blood and pus. And she spoke:

Mirror, Mirror, on that stone wall,

In all the land of which you see,

Is there anyone uglier than me?

This time, the face that had been dear to her did not come to her with the warm smile it normally did. The face's invisible eyes did not trace over every part of her body it had come to lavish. The Queen grew fearful and took on step back. An image appeared in the mirror's glossy glass, although it was not of the ugly Queen that stood in front of the glass.

It was of a girl coming of age. Her face was dilapidated since birth, one eye half an inch lower on the cream skinned face. Her lips were dry and chafed, the centers split from lack of water and long hours in the blistering sun. She knelt in rags on the staircase of a castle encased in trees, the stone as black as the iron collar that encircled her neck. "Snow White?" She croaked, her beautiful eyes flashing to that of the balcony that overlooked the staircase of which she cleaned. "Uglier than I? Impossible!"

You are yet my dearest Queen,

But with eyes as beautiful as a glistening jewel,

I fear that Snow White's ugliness may lead her to rule.

The Queen stood in disbelief as the mirror spoke the words she never wished to hear. "It is my eyes then, my beautiful, wretched eyes?" The mask reappeared in the glass of the mirror and nodded once. For once, the gaze of the mask angered the Queen and she growled at it. "Watch me not with eyes that are not seen by me!"

"I am fearful of a woman so ugly," the mask replied in a calm matter as if he had done this before. The Queen draped her scarlet robe over her knobby shoulders and walked to the dresser that stood next to her bed. "You know I cannot lie, my Queen. But I do wish to know what ails you." She picked up the glass brush she had never used, studying the intricate designs on the handle. "What will you do, my Queen?" Anger boiled in her blood, and she thrust the glass brush against the stone wall, sending shards of glass throughout the room. Many of the shards cut her blotched skin. Small droplets of scarlet blood bubbled from her skin. A wicked smile danced on the Queen's face. "My Queen?"

"You say it is my eyes that make Snow White uglier than I?" The mask nodded once, his mind racing to come up with the same answer the Queen had arrived at. A menacing laugh came from her thin neck. "Then I do believe I have the perfect gift to give to the girl."


Many of the Nobles had gathered at the castle encased in the forest, bringing jewels that gave the slave girl such a radiance the Queen smiled. And Snow White had also received many gifts from the other slaves on her eighteenth birthday and the Queen had saved the best for last.

Snow White bowed low in front of the Queen's throne. "I wish you a happy birthday, Snow White," she called out, her voice coarse and raspy. "But come here. I have a special gift for you." Snow White slowly walked up towards her Lady, oblivious to the glittering knife hidden behind the scarlet robe the Queen had dawned. "Kneel before me," she did as she was told. The Queen stood and revealed the knife. The crowd gasped.

Then she plunged the cold steal into Snow White's scarlet eyes and ripped one of her eyes out, relishing in the young girl's screams. The crowd watched in shock as the Queen ripped out Snow White's second scarlet eye and kicked the girl's agonizing body to the bottom of the dais. "Fear me now! For I am now the ugliest Queen in the world!"

The crowd was silent as they watched the young girl bleed out of her eyelids. Quickly and with one single scream, she ripped her two beautiful eyes out of their sockets and threw them onto the ground in front of Snow White, who was whimpering as she curled into a ball on the dais. She shoved the two scarlet eyes into her sockets.

But Snow White sat up without putting the eyes back into her sockets. The mirror, which had been brought down from the Queen's chamber, burst into a raucous laughter.

You are yet my dearest Queen,

But with eyes as beautiful as a glistening ruby,

Forever the new slave will you be.

The Queen watched in horror with her new scarlet eyes as Snow White stood tall with her dilapidated face blazing horrifyingly in front of the Queen. The iron chain had disappeared from Snow White's neck and had reappeared around the Queen's splotched neck. The mirror's rhyme echoed once more against the castle walls.

The stone walls were tall and the same color as the iron chain that hung around the Queen's neck. But this isn't the Queen you all know from the Brothers Grimm story about the beautiful young girl named Snow White. This was the story of how jealously will always lead to even the ugliest person's demise.