My Compound (Northeastern Section of the Village)


Tell the Town Crier to Contact Me


To convince someone to loan me yam seeds so I may start my own barn.

Summary of Qualifications

Strong, dedicated hard work who does not give up. No conditions can discourage me. I am manly, not agbala like other young men. I have experience supporting my parents and my sisters by farming yams. I know how to stretch out profits, so there will be no begging for more than my fair share. I learn quickly. I have no patience for wimpiness, in myself or others.


I have kept my father afloat for many years (somehow), using his poor excuse for a farm.

I am one of few young men who will work hard.

I threw Amalinze the Cat, the best wrestler in all the nine villages. This shows that I am a dedicated hard worker, who doesn't stop until he wins.

Work History

I have spent my life working to escape the shame my father has brought upon me.