Ending Hymn

Let me make this bleedingly clear
I hate women with all my heart
Oh yes, I know full well the meaning of the word
The echo of the word as it leaves my plate

Intense hostility and aversion
Usually deriving from
Anger, or sense of

The only way to fear something is to know it throughout
And of women, I graduated cum laude
No praise for them, no sir
No way can I find to stir my heart with naught but bile
All the while fearing their power

How they can whittle one's spirit to the edge of a nail
Make pale the haughty hero
With a 180 walkaway
Perpetual tease to get you on your knees
To talk as if to leave, then stay in silence
This is fear

Anger can speak for itself, but I will draw it out for you
Playing chess without pieces
Hypocritical no
Pleasure from guilt
The perfect actress
Every five minutes

Take 1 part anger
2 fulsome halves fear
Yields a butcher's dozen injuries
Choke on 7 quarts whine

Everything I want, but nothing I need

The recipe of she-hate is clear
Draw near, that I may speak of evil

There is an indifference about them
That works as a light switch
No matter how much you try
The bulb's burnt black

Lilith knew the song
O, to meet her! to trade with her conqueror's tales
So unlike a female, she, and yet the perfect sample
For a brew since boiled

Engine of disaster
Desire not once fulfilled
And if it isn't this, it's that, or whatever
The other thing is you're supposed to know
Before your brain has a chance to grow
To walk away

Her half-sister took that and ran
Ran from the tree with the fruit and the glee
Sweet juices running down her chest
This tempest of desire
To bite into the hymn of ending
I tell you: we were not given choice
It was ripped with naked prostitution

And we begot and begot
And got blamed for the deed
Well, there's two to the tango
The dance of forgetting
The eagle and her honeyed hand

Some might say
This is misogyny
But part of that word relates to women
And with such an h-a-t-e of them
I dare not apply letters so involved
They don't like the whole "men" in their word anyway
So fair is foul

After I'm done here
Some woman will smile at me
And I, the fool, giggle back, willingly or no
"Because" is the reason I give, to rip their lingo
You must understand
This is the honey fermented since Eve
Against which there is little defense

But this is only a poem
So none of this is true
I love these women
Now see my fear