Sylvia sat before the fire, staring into its heart with her legs curled up to her chest. Finding anything at all to burn had been nearly impossible. Everything that wasn't disintegrated to dust was heavily charred and usually too big to be moved. What she had created this fire from was likely the backseat of an old car – just the backseat, with no car of origination to be found. Sylvia and the man she could only consider to be a partner had hacked it in two with knives nearly the length of her forearm. After an hour, they noticed the much-darkened yellow material inside the tough black exterior, and worked even faster to open up the thing they had determined to be a car seat.

Five hours of laborious chopping finally sawed the thing in two, and her partner let her do the honors of lighting one of their precious few paper towels with a match and carefully igniting the foamy material. It caught instantaneously, and Sylvia tended to it while her partner searched, on foot, for anything that could be cooked and eaten.

That had been roughly three hours ago.

Dusk was falling quickly, and the temperature was dropping to a chill just cool enough to cause gooseflesh to crawl down one's arms. Sylvia was incredibly grateful for the fire, and thanked whatever it was that must have been watching over the two. She'd once believed it was the God of Christianity, but upon staring into the face of the end of humanity as far as she could see, she had reconsidered.

She wondered how the great and loving God she had worshipped all her life, along with all of the friends and family she had at her church, could allow for such a mistake that would cause this kind of undeterminable destruction. All of her church-mates whom she had prayed with were not only dead, but also likely incinerated with no remnants of their bodies to be found. Sylvia knew. The days after the Accident, she had done nothing but wander through what had been her town, searching for something, anything, that might show signs of life – most importantly human life, but some kind of creature companion wouldn't hurt – aside from herself.

She found none for eight days before she finally ventured east-bound, walking down crumbling, uneven remains of asphalt that had, at one point in time before the Accident, been an interstate highway.

Three days after embarking on her journey to nowhere in particular, Sylvia met Nathan Hackshaw. Nathan had been junior high school health teacher in his first year. He was 29 years old, physically fit with an attractive face. Sylvia had been so skittish from lack of human interaction for a total of 11 days that a good portion of her being wanted to hide when she saw him. What was left of her sensible side won out, arguing that although it was a risk, she couldn't fend for herself on her own at 19 years old. She approached him, and he greeted her with an enthusiastic, if slightly frantic, embrace. She was his first encounter since the Accident as well.

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