Marigolds In Water

And I fell past the waterfall
Its edge so sharp
And in between the air
I felt empty though I so displaced it
Knowing there's more space around than in me

How can I fill it all
With years, fears, and marigolds
The cheers long past
The stands now empty

I did not fill to fall at all
Not tall enough to take the step
But ill enough to slip away

Now faster than tomorrow
And an arrow blinding past
The single voice is silent
As I cast myself away

I'm the one who pushed
But the current pulled me down
At least that's the excuse
I use to fuse myself and frown
At how I can't accept who I am
Or was or never thought to be
But the blinded flying miscreant
From here to there and all around

So if I can fill up this space
With everything I know
Then I can't fall away from life
I'll just muddle through it so

Either that, or hit the mud
And thud thud thud
Now down below