I Always Fell In Love In Autumn

And on the first full day of fall
A man walked over to the well
And heard his voice echoing down
O what should happen if I fell

To meet with eyes so sainted pure
And there become a follower
Unable to turn anywhere
But soft into that silver stare

It all starts with words
A name, a noun
And down and down

Fingers cannot falter
Only twine themselves into their twins
To play a little, tracing lightly
Until that giant leap so kind

The moon is not so very far
Over the water
The briefest space between the two
Until they touch and eclipse you

But as it moves, so does the night
As smoothing silent souls unite
Speak freely to each other
Amidst the dripping sand

Shadowed luna wakens us
Burns the fingertips away
So that the only voice remaining
Inhales the sweetest, deepest spray

The water: where we start to live
With pupils wide, reflection-seeing
The same voice calling back to me
My hearing whets to deeply breathe

So to our cove where once we dove
To learn what else love had in store
Underneath our too brief touch
A oneness never before known

Before now, sand lay on the beach
It's in your hair and in my stare
All dreamy-eyed and lost inside
The stronghold of our rock

It keeps on slipping
And with us dipping to the water
Just below, we find ourselves, each other, one
This unity, this perfect soul

So down we dive into the deep
How silent is the water's keep
Above, the blue waves stretched and purred
Beneath, we found an ocean stirred

And on the first full night of fall
A woman walked unto the well
To hear her voice echoing down
O what should happen if I fell