Fourteenth Hour

Stumbling up Saturday stairs
Less awake than the slivered sun
You smile me in and slide inside
My warm and desperate arms
Saying 'hi' in myriad ways

Leafbreeze brings goosebumps to your skin
My tracing fingers plead you on
You want to sleep, your head in the nestle
Of my neck, sighing lightly 'cross my chest
Tangled legs 'neath morning sheets

For a while, you breathe and dream
Until my lips, waiting, slip along your nape
And the pane lets the breeze glide down your back
You wake for a spell, to spill love to my throat
And a note scapes your own

Trying to drain my fever
You climb up and brace yourself
For a mid-morning snack
Of raspberry duels and fond friction

Two musics: exhaling woman, expiring summer
Two muses: living man, loving soul
Return to slumber, strangely wonder
Why sundials vanish while together
In arms unyielding

Wake now, your eyes guarding mine
Till I look deep to them for fourteen heartbeats
And the carnival of love begins

Attacking the rear, two forces
Shoulder nailed, bitten, fit for grasp
Massage most wanted
Clouds floating, wet, then the thunder
Chorus notes increase
To damp, flushed skin
Sighs escaping long after the storm stops
I hold you close to feel

The sun makes no sign for us
Though go we must
But cannot leave our scented garden
Calling us back
Onto our backs to feel
The winding wind of love
From unrelenting lips

Temptation is the sweetest chocolate

With more sugar than coffee
And a babbling brook beside you
Make up hair up smile up
For me or you or all who try to look
Our way will get a steel blue glare
Though the ocean in my eyes
I save for you

Silver snakes pass all around
And we, confounded fool around
Finding how, surrounded, close unto yellow you dare

Seven smells and seven more
Take time to intermix and store
Their number on your phone

Reading at the corner store
Never close enough
I recall how earlier you dreamed beside me
Hearing halcyon words dance out of my lips
Wishing I would keep on so we would not have to go
And now on our show: water, diving, so many fish
Only one I wish swims with me
Scaling my arm intently
For a giggle paralleled in you

Fortnight closing
Repeat first verse
Retreat in your arms
Defeat in my eyes
Less awake than the missing moon
Scent of me with you while you dream