The Stillest Water

You can't know what it feels like for me
To live all your life one way
And be pulled in another, beautiful direction
Torn between two

Each tender time
Amnesia to reality
To a greater pain
Betrayal of my fragile soul

I cased my heart in rock
With a "keep out" sign
Don't know how you found the key
The explosive to move the rock away

It burns me bare
And I, in water, am no match
For your eternal flame
Ripping away all notion of myself
The core that makes me who I am

Though I want it, want you
More than my fathoms hold dreams
I can't ask you to leave the sky
Enter my cool, wild water
Anymore than you could force me
To breathe outside the sea

But every time you touch me
Your lips to my neck
Your arms around me
To feel how I beat for you
I gasp beyond the water
If only for a moment
Any longer and you would kill me

You would die in my arms, so strong your heart
But I can't let you do that, love
You mean too much to me
You love me too much
I don't deserve your heart
Though you offer it without shame
Ignorant and honest
I can't take it
Much as I wish it so

Two minds rule me
The one that tells me I love you
And the other that knows I can't

Even though I love you still
I must return to the sea
To try to lose and find myself

But no matter how deep I dive
I can still hear your heart