Inside The Outline

I walked under that balcony each day
A pause to see such light blue curtains sway
And as I thought I'd catch a glimpse
Of something else within

A cloud came by with blowing rain to pay
It told me there's not one place I could stay
To satisfy the worldly whims
Of something else within

No turning back, and off I lent my way

To a storyteller woman with a smile so old
She laughed when you told her she's pretty and cold
Too much to drink and not enough meat
Faint hair on her head and a pug at her feet

To a scholar who smelt much smarter than me
Held that nose up, had somewhere better to be
Spoke something in French he thought I wouldn't get
I smiled in secret, for what he hadn't learned yet

To a cat who stopped me in the mid of my path
Thinking his paws yielded much better math
Till he looked down and up, saw I had four for my own
Then darted round a corner, frighting fur cross his bones

To a jeep full of green, each with helmet and gun
Who thought they'd win all, fight in a better sun
But the fire, it burned for whomever it held
And the four men died soon, short after they yelled

To a mirror who showed me how quiet I seemed
With nothing to hope for and everything dreamed
And though I was empty as those that I knew
Still my heart travelled back to the waves that were you