My Very First Dance

You drag me unwillingly to the school dance,

Force me to wear formal shirts and pants.

I look like a deer trapped in the headlights,

Barely knowing my lefts and my rights.

Don't know how to dance but I can't tell you,

You have no idea of what I'm going through.

Takes two to tango; can't let you down,

We're already here, can't back out now.

On the dance floor with flashing lights,

I know it's gonna be a very long night.

I manage to do a few twists and turns,

But I am met with some jeers and burns.

I watch some others searching for a hint,

But the moves they bust would put me in a splint.

I'm pushed into the dancing circle,

Others dancing 'til their faces were purple.

It's my turn, no time to learn,

Stepped in the middle while my stomach churned.

Time to start with my racing heart,

I prayed to God to do his part.

With anxious eyes and a nervous smile,

I started a dance that would last a while.
Silly me, I've no memory,

Of how I performed my weird boogie.

I danced and I danced for your viewing leisure,

Little did you know I was having a seizure.

My limbs were flailing; my heart was failing,

Accidentally I kicked someone to the railing.

I had no idea of what I was doing,

But I could swear I heard someone booing.

In response I upped my game,

Dancing and dancing; no move ever the same.

Finally I end in an awkward stance,

Doing all I could to not wet my pants.

Breathing heavily I sneak a glance,

And I see you all cheering for my very first dance.

Jason Do