The Window

I look into the window

Watching the shadows glance back at me with eyes of sorrow

The somber voices of the children cry

Their actions directly reflecting mine

Now I'm looking at a mirror

But I do not see myself

This person moves with me

Gliding with the light as it dances of the edge of the glass

Isolation is a hell not worth living through

It contaminates their cold dead corpses as the ignorant blissfully pass them by

The mass shadow is so unaware

Of the less significant shades of black surrounding it

Yet it seems content with its tiny little world

You cling to your precious gold

Failing to realize that it means nothing in this desert

Possessions, we are bound by them

Unable to recognize those without

I've returned to the window

Gazing through the looking glass with sympathy once more

The shadows, so far beyond the embrace of God

Swathed in mourning, as though was born under its veil

There they are

The worthless little shits dancing in winter's prologue

Their feet cold, covered by the uncared skin that shelters their soul from the evil of the world

Does this so called shelter even stand

It seems useless to exist with the nothingness

My hand is on a hammer

I can not lift it

With a chorus must this weapon rise

If to break the window that protects us from the shadow

And I will allow the shards to tear my skin...

Flight of the Monarch

Raised to the ground

The kingdom stands so tall no longer

The beast has shed its skin

No longer blind

It took up arms

Flight of the monarch

Master of this hierarchy

In a world so absolute

Our movements are restricted

Chained to the ground

Lungs pierced with steel

A hiding snake, wounded but deadly

Flight of the monarch

The end of what shall be...

Thrown in a fit of rage to the starving

Hoping that they will ignorantly consume your poison

The promise of truth from bigotry...

A simple price to pay

But a price to pay no longer

Flight of the monarch

Blind to what I can see

The fable is reality

Piercing the eyes of the blind

In a world so cold

Desperation sets in

Slitting the throat painlessly

Flight of the monarch

The beginning of all shall be...


Out on the Mire

Like a spider the divinity of the nightmare crawls

The breathing is short, cold, visible

A prologue to the oncoming ripples the fall through the skin

Lightning curves so elegantly

Forming the features of a face

Ragged and cold

Decrepit and elderly

A contradiction to the truth of his history

Veil of tranquility falls on the mire

Taking peace in the irony

Glints of happiness awkwardly show

Like light reflecting off of broken glass

Caught in the storm

So subtle we are in its chaotic arms

I could fall asleep in its maelstrom

A hateful lullaby to a hateful life

The epilogue of a soul

Falling down into the leaves

The angst of the unwilling

Forming a tear that drops just past the vision of our careful eyes

Dead bodies wrapped in vibrant cloth

Claiming their souls in the name of peace

A false promise to a false hope

Vision fades as the eyes

Caressed with the irritable sting of tears

Look out onto the mire

So troubled

Is life is vacant?


With such intense romance the voice spoke

My ears hungering the haunted tones of her throat

It brings life anew and great satisfaction

And echo that will eternally reign within the deepest factions of my skull

Her mouth is a vortex

Eager, I am drawn to it

A mere moth to a flame so charismatic

The words spoken with such elegance

There is no questioning them

Their authority, so binding

To disobey is heresy

Conjuring my thoughts into focus

Bringing forth such desires that I once not knew of

The ideas bleed from my body with a wretched eloquence

An ethereal night

A red body lay under the moon

Shining blade risen from his chest

The green grass forever stained with sin and despair

The voice soothes again

Her echoing vines impaling me with such unrivaled temptation

A poison spreading through the blood


Shattered thoughts spoken out


Disillusioned I walk without harmony or pace

Bleak thoughts underlined by a vague notion

My hand swaying back and forth in front of my face

Determining the reality before me

I watch the lips move

But I hear no sound

I do not return with direct action

She shuns me for my ignorance

Though the infuriated cries fall so silently upon me

My lament, so miniscule in comparison

To the strings running into the ghosts heart

She falters

Drenched in the depths of night

The stars hidden behind the ominous clouds

Blood running with such power

Mind deformed from constant torture

Eyes of the demons following every action

Running up the hill

Blackened souls stabbing

Fallen to knees

The hands in my lungs reaching out of my throat

Pulling in the sweet night air

His presence upon me

Wandering in loneliness through this forest

Contaminated soul soon to be relieved


It was me, peering into the reflection of the water

Watching the empty stars ripple as the wind brushed waves against the surface

The autumn leaves fall down

Signifying the death so close to come

Tool in hand

I watch my life

My dreams

All things that have passed

Reflection of light

So subtle

Drawing me from my train of thought

I take the knife



The dam that was my skin is ripped

The flood drowning me

Her voice is the last thing I hear

Her face the last I see

And all shall end...

Season of Dying

I can remember those days

When December was still cold

And that feeling of new life

Becoming one with the old

Watching the autumn leaves cripple

Accenting their last breaths

We'd sit on the grass

All covered in snow

Feeling numb

But working on those angels

With a silent prayer that they would take flight

Spring came too soon though...

I looked inwards for the fire

That would never come

I waited

As life was undone

Waited for spring to come

It was a constant shift of seasons

Winter to spring

Spring to Summer

Summer to Fall

Fall to Winter

We'd dance in the city streets

Loving the ignorance that people showed us

We'd dance through the season of dying

Waltzing back into winter

I'd gone through all of the motions already

Yes the snow still felt fresh against my skin

Take me down this road

I've been before

Covered in dead grass and dirt

I can still feel the green beneath my feet

As if it had never left

Falling Into Infinity

I could wander forever

Down this place

Into the heart of serenity

That was kept from me

We'd trip over consciousness

Laughter and innocence

Fighting to the last breath

To keep it alive

Falling into infinity

I'd wait for a sense of apathy

Out here in the cold dead road

Reality fading

We walk now in haze

Future unknown

I'd open my eyes with the small hope

Of a better day

To have my dreams shattered

And taken away

Though I bore not shadow

I was veiled in fog

As hoping for vagueness

For something

Isn't hoping at all

We could draw open the curtains

Stare into the light

And take all the joy

In the remainder of life

Appreciate the eternal enigma

Of not knowing the next day

Falling into infinity

Infinity just wastes away.


Under the scream of the moon

Shrouded in the blackest veil of night

Sacrifice to me your soul

Weave the words with you knife

Take to your skin the wound

And cry out the name of your Lord


Leaving you to the starved darkness


My pleasure to cause suffering

Like the venom of a snake

Pulsating through iron veins

Give yourself to me

Let the hatred sink in

Dispose the past joys

All that is left...

... The caress of the animal

Eyes of the wolf

Fangs of the serpent

Soul of the demon

I am temptation

Your conscious and desire

As a servant of desire you are serving only yourself

I am anger

Bite down into the flesh

Taste the blood


Sadism is your companion

Behold no symbol

Vomit upon Christ

Defecate upon Satan

There is no chain to restrain you

Primitive and Vulgar

Hateful and vengeful

Hatework, the essence of life

"Nighwork, my life's work"

Succumb to fantasy


Nuclear Genocide

Black flame igniting the sky

A rain of ash falls upon the apocalypse

Burns the skin

Burns the eyes

Shatters the being

End of all existence

At the hands of man

Churning the machine of war

Nuclear genocide!

Kill the children

Kill the men

Kill the women

Nuclear genocide!

Death has no tolerance for discrimination

She comes riding on her horse

Wielding her scythe

Sent from the flaming abyss

At the hand of damnation

Clouds of flame

Murder endlessly

Vomit your existence

Onto the ground

People annihilated with such speed!

Their screams of terror...





In the name of man

Let the gears turn!

Nuclear genocide!

Kill the children

Kill the men

Kill the women

Nuclear genocide!


Hiding the yellow eyes through disguise

Sitting around the flame

Soul in tune with the natural surroundings

Palm upon the heart

Mind focused on the sense of the animal

Plant the seed into my mind

Change from the shape of man

Into the beast

Enter euphoria

Let surreality take its claim in your mind

Shadows lurking from the gray sky

You do not deceive my mind

Guide me to the other side

And set me free

Let Me Live

I'm lying face down
Close my eyes and put my face against the river
Floating away
Back turned towards the moon
The silver water grabbing hold of me

Wait in the water
Cast my oars away
Let me drown again
In my own pleasance and serenity
Let me live again

Further down the river
I can feel the rain on my back
It patters against my bones
Sounding like the sound you hear when...
Precipitation hits the window
Sends shivers through my body

Stare at me
Through the change of seasons
The water hardens into ice
I stand upon it

Walking through the winter streets alone
I'd take my breath in and let it go
Watching the chaos before my eyes
Give me confidence
Give me ignorance

Wait in the buildings
Cast my ladder away
Let me fall again
In euphoria and innocence
Let me live again

The suddenness
Of the metropolis
Has claimed a peaceful soul
I know I can change
I just need a new place to go

Stare at me
Through the change of seasons
The ice melts into puddles
I'm swimming again

Follow the heartbeat
Down the darkened street
Give me the answer
The one that I asked for
Time and time again

I've looked through every corner
Felt every last feeling
And seen the monuemnts that life had to offer
But still
The essence eludes me

Teach me how to live