Ehhh, kinda spoiler-y for Event Horizon, except not really. This is a class assignment.

A Little Light

SETTING: A bus. TIME: Any time.


VIRGIL: An older gentleman, has a cardigan, lonely.

(Lights up on VIRGIL, who gets on the bus and takes the first available seat. The seat next to him happens to occupied.)


(As a prompt)

Traveling alone?

(He gets no response, just an odd look)

I never used to travel alone. I had this friend. And she was a good friend, too. You could always count on her to make you smile whenever everything else in your life was falling apart. She would sit and listen- just like a good friend should- and then she would smile and that alone made everything better. That... alone. You should have seen her smile. It would have lit up any lonely place. It would've been shining.


But then she would start singing some nonsense song in her nonsense language and then she would change the lyrics of Jesus Loves the Little Children.

(Chuckles. The following is sung.)

"Red brown yellow purple green, craziest kids I've ever seen."

(Shakes head)

She was a character. And she trusted me, too. She would always come to me when she didn't understand something because I was the best at explaining things. And she would ask me how my day was and why I didn't ask out that nice girl Gracie out for sundaes. "Because sundaes… they're good," she would say. "And Gracie is good for you." But I would give her same sad excuse about how it would never work between me and Grace, and then ask her how her day was.


She would talk about him. She would always talk about him. He was one of my closest friends, even if he was Jewish, and I should have been happy for him and for her. But I never was. Why was I never happy for them?

(He stops to think about it, then continues.)

We grew apart the way old friends do. Time has a talent for splitting friends, but I never thought it would happen to us because we had the notion that we had bettered Time. We were masters of Time. We laughed at a force of nature and commanded it! And yet it was our greatest enemy for this act alone. But it took longer to separate me and her- take that, Time. Our friend left- normal reasons- but we remained. We would always remain. Our friendship grew and flourished. We had wonderful times. We would spend summer nights under the stars and we would have wild dreams. And oh, they were wild. We would play games and create stories and read books and it was just heaven on earth. Most of it was because she was there.


Then… I don't know what it was. Maybe it was how I finally noticed that Grace had one of those smiles. You know, a smile that had the possibility of being reserved for only one person. And I wanted that person to be me. So I started taking my friend seriously. I found the more time I spent with Grace, the less time I spent with her. Maybe that was a good thing. You're supposed to move on with your life and- it was the healthy thing to do. I can't say I didn't miss her from time to time because I would remember how her smile lit up the room and how wonderful she could make a person feel. But then I would get one of Grace's special smiles and I would try to give her one in kind- I'm not sure if I ever succeeded- and my friend would be forgotten.


It got harder to smile when Grace passed last year. She had been my light for so long and now I was lost in the dark. I tried turning to prayer, but I wasn't getting any answers. It was… terrible. I knew somehow I had to get light back in my life. Somehow. I tried finding my friend, but it was nearly impossible. You know how it is. I tried looking in the phone book, but of course she wasn't in there. She had never understood the importance of phones. I even tried computers! And I hate computers! I just need her.


Now I think I've lost her.


For those of you who are sticking around for Event Horizon in November, there really aren't many spoilers in this. I even fudged a few things so I wouldn't confuse my class.

If you're wondering, Virgil is 87 years old here.

Have a caramel apple. :)