Leaning against the laurel tree
While my ink tries to guide me
I catch you opposite the courtyard

Laying by the reflecting pool
Tender finger grazing the water
Lost in how the mirror
Makes your image move

How could I write of such heaven
When my heart forgets to live

What do you think of
In all those lonely moments
The space between
You, me
The water and the nail
So close to touch
The identical

For the vision you see
Though yourself
Is just as much me
As who you can feel
Across the way
By the tree

This weighted scale
Neither side ever so fulfilled
Unless together
And you rise and trace your feet
Grace them round the water's all too sharp edge
Drowning me in the beauty that is you
The touch I reach for
A kiss no delicate drop will ever match
Nor burn as fiery as how your eyes catch
Mine, digging deep for buried pleasure
The please and lease carried parallel
From one to the other
Until we lose two people to find one

That same reflection in the water

And then I deduce
That I am your pool
And you are my tree
Both so lost in love
With your arms around me