Comet Caught In Orbit

Falling over a cliff
Over love
Is easy enough
You just let go
Let the air take you
The sweet nothing of the air
The stuff you exhale from your heart
It takes you and wraps itself around your whole being
Until you scream out falling to compound it

But I was pushed
Force of motion compelled me
Zipped the air out
Unable to catch a breath
Myself, breaking off from land
Into that bright, final emptiness of future
The query of ignorance
And an answer in a second

But when you fall like that
With seconds left to live
Every answer is an eternity
And time no longer matters

So I become sandslidingthrough
A spot too narrow for my soul
And I ask the question that never slips from tongues

Why did I fall in love
And the answer, eons away
Comes in fractions

A certain air has me too transfixed
Scent of stardust treading through a fire
Ever close to red, stay just above its head
And it comes home unto the pillow next to mine

Floating face up along the water
Secrets bubbling beneath
Angelspeak of lust raining down in flying fire
Halved in each
Have to breathe, need to feel
Drowned and suffocated
For to suffer the sharp depths
And the coldest moment of the sun
I would tear myself in two
To know the truth

From the eldest of vineyards
Escapes a rolling bottle
It crashes into a wall of mortar
Whistling tremor from the glass
Wave of crimson covering
The coldest corner
In merriment and forgetfulness
The headache of yesterday
Liquid lost to lonely rock
That sings out from attention

Travel ahead a few billion
And back a bunch
And you'll hear nothing
Just stars blinking at each other
Morse code love
Engaged that something so similar
Could be so far away
Content in knowledge of each other
Closer than anything has ever been

That's how I see you
My cinnamon air
Warm trace in a cold night
Lip quenched liquid
Starlight song

In my last long seconds