Upon The Echelon

What did the first person think
When they scavenged all the way up the mount
Why did I make it this far
How did I know where to go
Where am I going now and what's left to do

So few people on the earth now
Staring down at crevasses and snow
And though up at the highest point
I feel myself below the water
Gurgling for air
Suffocating under the lowest heights
Dark dreary dirge calling down to me

But there's no one sirening beneath
Nothing but fish and fish and fish
Enough to eat for all my people yet to be
Barely a bite to satisfy

I found the same thing at the top of the sky
That I did at its floor
No more help did it provide
Just an equivalence of water streaming down

To fall from on high is to become a devil
To bear beneath the crust is to be a demon
Living between these fires only drowns my pain
So maybe me and mine
Are destined to burn

These are the first thoughts