It's the first day
After world's end

Black and bleak
Everywhere I look

I found the best in the world before
Because you were

Your sunrise smile
My face blushful

Morning coffee, toast
To our conquered future

And now no persons remain
Pursuing one another

Beasts and birds battle along
Their longed for supremacy returned

Wondered what I'd do when I died
But the rest of them, and their glimmer, gone

So I remain, remarking on yesterdays
Not history's, but my own

As the sown seeds of my life bear no refrain in any tome
They belong to me

Slowly lowering myself to damp earth
I revisit our starlit evenings

With you losing yourself in them
And me finding them in you

Our own silent world, embrace in fire
Burning each blade into a crisp, living easel

Remaking artistry with slightest touch
Define the shiver between our lips

Opera and braille in tandem
To deliver earth's final breath

It was tough waking up this morning
With the planet dead

Unable to feel you sleep next to my ear
Your warmth draped over mine

I do not like this new, wordless jail
I cannot write nor speak in it with none to hear

The creatures living creep away
Afraid of any speech I mete

All your keepsakes in my mind
Image, touch, and token

I weep not for humanity
But for what we never really had

The chance for life as if in birth
Where everyone melts away

Now I find the furnace done
No one here, and our yesterdays stillborn

I sleep from inward sadness
Peeling away reality from what I want

Feel the pull of nothingness
Seethe my perimeter

The attraction of the bleak black boundary
Smashes open the first firelight window

Upon my chest, a breath familiar
Open eyes to impossible skies

The midnight of your body on mine
Secret whisper mouthed to me

You once told me not to wait
For all the sand to fall

Now that it has
With time reconquered

Dreams once lost
My starlight found