Suffocation Sundae

What time is it when your window won't widen
To let in more air than you want
So you gasp anyway
Wishing for a want too far from where you are

And all the hot, musky scents in your vents
Flood out, finding flight in the prison of the sky
The empty infinite open door

Clamber outside and die
In the fear you knew was there
Hiding in your eyes
The kind you gave up, the kindness you tried
A sort of mess you meant for me

Kick reality away
Your hopes are a waste
Because you told me all our colours were
The wealth of my imagining

So I acupuncture my heart
Attempt to sew it whole again
With words and silent icicles
Dripping ageless venom down my throat
Poison in persuasion

Swallow it if you will
The service of my smile
And step inside your sliding window
Since I'm your entertainment
This show just let me know to close my life